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It takes what it takes for each one of us, and without more specifics it's hard to be more specific. Common threads are valuing and respecting yourself enough to stop being available for abuse by anyone. Stay away from him and his turf, do what you can to keep him away from you and yours. There are lots of really great books (including phone books), support and therapy groups, counselors and friends. Get busy nurturing yourself, healing your wounds, learning from your mistakes, developing healthier relationships and moving forward. You deserve to be happy and healthy. Reach out and take it!

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Q: How do you let go of an emotionally abusive man in a relationship?
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Will a relationship with a Scorpio man work?

That depends on the Scorpio Man. He has to be emotionally mature to have a relationship.

What does it mean when an emotionally abusive man says he does not love you anymore?

An emotionally abusive man (or woman) is not capable of true, pure love. The person does this to you because he or she lacks self esteem, as hard as that may seem to understand. Saying he doesn't "love" you anymore is another way for him to emotionally and mentally abuse you.

My emotionally abusive bf walked away from our relationship and acts as if he can move on but I am not dealing so well with the ending of the relationship why?

Get and read the book WOMEN WHO LOVE PSYCHOPATHS Don't be put off by the title - it will help you understand. Take this as a sign that this man isn't right for you in the first place hence "Emotionally abusive.. You would want him to walk away. Rather than torture you into staying in a emotionally ill relationship, You get to move on with your life.. Everything happens for a reason take this as a lesson about relationships. You need to see a therapist to talk about your relationship. I'm actually seeing one for a previous relationship that was unhealthy..

Move out and continue the relationship?

do not continue an abusive relationship once you are strong enough to leave... my daughter divorced her emotionally abusive husband who molested her children,,, in less then 3 months she is seeing the pediphile again and isolateing herself from her family and forcing the children to be with this man again... if you go back into an abusive relationship of any kind your the same as the abuser, mayber even worse... do not be a fool or victimize your self again... don't do it.............................

Is an emotionally abusive man abusive to all women or just to his girlfriend or wife?

If a man is abusing his girlfriend and or wife, then he will more than likely be abusive to all women. It is a mind frame, women to him = abuse. This is not true in all cases but in most of them.

You dont really know if you are in a abusive relationship because he do try to put you in control but when he hit you he just pull your hair or something but you dont think he is really abusive help?

If he touches you in any other matter than a comforting or intimate wanted way then he is physically abusing you and yes this is a abusive relationship that can progressively get worse if you are already allowing him to do what he is doing at this point. When he tries to let you be in control of anything that is his way of trying to shift his guilt to you and to blame you again abusive emotionally. You must do what is best for yourself and get out of the relationship as soon as possible. do not ever let a man put his hands on you in a violent way because it will more than likely lead to worse things, so talk to him and if it doesn't stop, then he's not worth it and get out!

Should you try to work on an emotionally abusive relationship when it becomes long-distance if he swears he will change?

An abusive man never really changes unless there is a traumatic condition or possibly therapy, but even that will often not help. Just leave. Use the "long distance" to get away.

How do emotionally abusive fathers affect their sons?

The Father is the Sons role model. Father teaches the Son how to treat woman/men/children and how to be a man. If the Father is emotionally abusive, the Son will more than likely grow up to be an abuser aswell.

How do you know if a man has changed his emotionally abusive ways?

Without SERIOUS psychiatric help, he hasn't changed. It just isn't something that happens. Once a guy shows that he's physically or emotionally abusive, he just doesn't change without serious psychotherapy.

How can I improve a relationship with a Emotionally Unavailable man?

just take it step by step...if you take him places he's not comfortable with you'll blow him away. You can be patient and periodically talk to him about how and why this upsets you. Let him know how you want your relationship to be.

What type of woman does an emotionally abusive man seek?

An abusive man (emotional,physical, etc.) will seek insecure woman.Woman who are not independant. Someone to take care of their needs.And that is it, someone to satisfy their needs. An abusive man can not change, a woman can not change him. He has to change himself. He had to do it all alone, if he really wants to recover.I really wish all the ladies in abusive relationships strength. That is what they need to leave.

Who are affected by abusive relationship?

a lot of, woman, children all over the world

Will an emotionally and verbally abusive man treat his future gfs better than his current one Is he more abusive to the ones he perceives to be more submissive or does not like as much?

i would love to know that for myself ive always wondered my ex use to verbally and emotionally and sometimes even physically abuse me

If a man showed abusive signs early in the relationship but now acts mentally healthy what are the chances he is still abusive?

if he want to commit sadist acts with you such as murder, bondage, or bestiality, then he is prolly still abusive.

How can you hurt a man emotionally?

A man can be hurt emotionally in the same ways that a woman can. If you lie to him, cheat on him, or disrespect him, he will likely be hurt emotionally. It is not good to seek out to hurt anyone in this way. If he hurt you, then either forgive him or end the relationship. Getting even never works.

Why would a man go back to his emotionally abusive ex wife?

Whether an emotionally abusive ex-wife or an emotionally abusive ex-husband, it seems that some people are unable to break away from a bad relationship. They somehow believe that if they just give it one more try, this time it will be different. Usually, such people are emotionally addicted (or accustomed) to the relationship; they may claim they hated it and can't wait to start all over with someone else, yet they keep being drawn back into the same old drama over and over. It may be that the man (in this case) doesn't want to accept that his marriage is really over; or maybe he still believes somehow he'll find a way to fix the problems; or perhaps he blames himself for the failure of the marriage; or if there are children, he may feel a duty to keep the relationship alive because the kids want to see mom and dad together. People who return to bad marriages, whatever their explanation for doing so, usually need counseling in order to truly break the pattern and create a new and healthy relationship.

What do you do if your husband is emotionally and physically abusive and you just bumped into an old boyfriend and you are tempted to cheat?

==One thing at a time== If your husband is truly abusive (you're not just looking for an excuse to wander), then you need to get out of the relationship, and fast! Once you have removed yourself from the abusive relationship, and have a chance to reflect on the reasons you chose a man like that, and also the reasons for remaining in the relationship once you found out that he was abusive, then...and only then, you should feel free to look for, and engage in, other relationships. If your old boyfriend truly cares about you, he will understand and give you the space you need to work through your present problems. Good luck. Bugger off with the old flame if you've got any sense.

Do you develop abusive patterns after being emotionally abused by your partner?

In the beginning of my relationship with a man, he was very kind and charming. Everything I ever wanted or dreamed about having in a man. The first time he stood me up, I was hurt and tried to tell him. He told me I was weak and he didn't owe me an explanation. From that point on, the more I voiced my needs, the more emotionally abusive he became. I noticed that I was retaliating with verbal abuse. He would call me a name, and I would call him something back. I think it was my way of defending myself. I'm not sure. I have guilt, because our fights were terrible destructive emotionally. I'm not sure if its common to start identifying and developing similar traits to an abuser.

If a man is in an abusive relationship and he knows he has something great on the side why won't he leave?

I'm not sure. Maybe he is afraid to be lonely.

Will a verbal abusive woman continue to abuse in each relationship?

Generally a verbally abusive woman has control issues and she will carry them into most relationships. However, there are a few women that are verbally abusive to one or more men, but may meet a man that she is not verbally abusive to as they are better suited for each other.

What does an abusive man think when the relationship is over?

It purely depends upon the man (or woman!). Some may experience guilt of conscience, and some may not think twice.

How to break a relationship with a controlling man?

if he wont let you out of the relationship you need to get help by a friend or family, or even the police.

How do I fall in love again after ending an abusive relationship with a man.?

need to give it time. don't fall in love with just any one

What are the ill effects of a abusive maternal relationship?

For a man, he would not have the mother to be a good role model on how he should treat women. For the woman, she would not be able to have a mother to guide her in becoming a confident female. The effect of having an abusive maternal relationship could take years to sort through.

Why will a man fight over you physically but not fight for you emotionally?

cause if your man does it emotionally then that means the man is gay,but if he does it physically then he really loves you with all is heart.