How do you let someone know that you are tired of the way they treat you?

Relationships are full of give and take. It's not fair to you that you are always the one giving and never get anything in return. And worse than that, they're not taking your feelings in to consideration at all! If you've honestly sat them down and talked it over with them about how bad their actions and words make you feel and they're not willing to change, then you should consider leaving them. No relationship is worth the constant heartache.

Provoke the situation by telling them "I am sick of the way you treat me". Depending on their response, you'll know what kind of person you are dealing with. It's scary to do but it will allow you to be more assertive in your life and with your own needs.

You simply tell them. There is no way around it.

By ending the relationship. He will catch on quick then. He may not change but at least you can move foward.