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There should be markings on them. Make it so that they face each other. (well, that's on the Ford engines that I've worked on..... but those are ancient)

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Q: How do you line up the timing belt gears?
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How do the gears line up?

If you are asking about timing gears with a belt system, you have to line the timing marks up with the marks on the gears. If you want to know about chain gear alignment please re-ask with vehicle specifics and I can answer that also.

How do you line up timing belt gears on yugo?

This is not the Yugo page, this is the Ford Escort page.

How do YOU line up timing belt gears on a 88 la mans 1.6 engine?

blind folded

Does a 97 Chevy s-10 pick up have a timing chain or timing belt?

It has timing chain and gears. NO BELT

How do you set the timing gears on a Ford 6 cylinder?

there are 2 marks on the gears you have to line them up

How do you line the timing gears back up?

you turn the cam gear and the crank gear with a wrench until the lines on the pulleys/gears line up.

How do you change the timing belt on a b20a5?

Remove the valve cover and line up the timing marks on the crank and both cam gears. Now remove the crankshaft pulley and the timing cover. Insert a pin through each cam just behind the gears to hold them in position for reinstallation. Loosen the belt tensioner bolt and remove the belt. Now reinstall the new belt. I usually remove the pin from the exhaust cam and turn the crank counterclockwise to pull the slack to the tensioner side. Now tighten the tensioner bolt and turn the engine over a few times then line up the timing marks again. That will ensure proper belt alignment and cam timing.

If the timing belt on a 1999 Galant broke what order do you line up the gears before reinstalling the belt?

If the timing belt broke you probably got some bent valves. but as for puting the timing belt back on, there are marks on the outer edge of the cam and a indention on the valve cover behind it. line those up and on the crank gear blade there is a small v. line that up with the triangle on the engine- around the 10 o'clock position. then you will have to commpress the tensioner and use a small Allen wrench to hold it compressed. then install the timing belt and put the tensioner back and pull the pin. spin it over by hand and make sure the marks line back up

Where is the timing adjuster on a 94 Mitsubishi 3000GT?

To adjust the timing take off the timing cover,take off belt and then line up the marks on the timing gear.You will need a special tool to hold the gears if it is a DOHC(duel over head cam)

How do you line up timing gears on a 1993 Ford Mustang?

Use a spirit level (or even a ruler) and rest it on top of the timing gears. I think you know what to do next.

1990 Isuzu trooper 2.8 timing chain marks?

how do i line up timing gears on 2.8 isuzu trooper

How do you change land cruiser timing belt?

How do you change a landcruiser70 sries diesel timing belt I am putting a belt on that was broken and not sure about which marks to line up

Where is the timing mark in Renault kangoo 1.5dci?

line up the marks on the belt to the marks on the timing wheels

1987 Ford Laser double ohc turbo 4WD B6 engine replace timing belt where do the timing marks on the camshafts line up when top dead center?

THERE ARE SMALL HOLES IN THE TIMING GEARS THAT LINE UP WITH MARKS ON THE FRONT OF THE HEAD. When the crank pulley is at TDC on the compression stroke, 'E' & 'I' on the camshaft sprockets should be at 12 o'clock.

List of cars with direct timing gears not belt or chain timing?

If you are a fan of cars you can look this information up. There should be information on this in car books or online.

What does the timing belt on a 1995 Chrysler new yorker line up with?

The sprockets have marks that line up with marks on the case.

How do you line up timing marks on Mercedes Benz C200?

were are the time marks on the gears thank you clive

How do you reset the timing gears on an '89 Lemans 1.6?

If you mean by "timing gears", putting on a new timing belt then it's easy: The top sprocket has a line etched in it. This line should be at 12 o'clock. The bottom pulley also has an etch on it also, this should be lined up at the little black pointer (located about 2pm). The trick is to tighten the belt so that when it's tension is correct, the top sprocket is set at 12pm and the bottom pulley line matches up with the black pointer. One thing to add to get the belt on you have to loosen the three Allen head screws that hold the water pump in and turn the assembly in order to get the belt on and then twist it back to take the slack out of the belt. Once you do this reset the screws and you're done.

Setting timinig pattern on timing belt on Mazda 929?

I'm looking for the same thing. Everything I read says to buy the repair manual. I can see the arrow by the crankshaft and the the dots on the cam gears. Some have said, "Line up cam gears" but what do we line them up with? On some mazdas there is a line on the backing plate . . I don't find one on the 929. With you I am still looking for an answer . . .

What is the timing for a Kia Sportage?

it is auto timed thru the cam shaft and crankshaft sensors.You cannot change it. The timing belt has timing marks when you change the belt in which you line up the crank and cams.

How do you realign the timing to reinstall the belt properly on a 1991 Nissan Pathfinder with a V6 after the cam and crank shafts moved while removing the timing belt?

every pulley has a mark on it that matches a notch on the inner timing belt/ oil pump cover, line up the white lines on the belt with these marks and that's it.. all 3 marks will line up belt-pulley-case.

How do you install timing belt 92 Volvo 960?

I would like to install a timing belt on my 93 960 volvo / how do I line up the cams with the crank shaft???

How do you get timing belt marks to line up 1997 passport?

there are marks or dots on each of the gears, two cam, and one crank, that need to line up with notches in the back cover. all three marks lined up with all three notches with the number one piston at tdc in the compression stroke. you can gently rotate the gears using a socket on the bolt at the center.

1992 Chevrolet 350 changed timing chain cant get roator to line up?

pull the timing cover back off and make sure that the timing marks on the timing gears are parallel (in line) with each other cuz more than likely the mark is off there fore making your timing out which wont let your rotor line up

How does the timing belt go installed on a 99 Ford Contour?

i just recently did this repair. You have to line the camshafts up with a straight edge then line the crank up with the notch on the harmonic balancer. Then put the belt on but put the belt on the cam gears last. Make sure you have the tensioner to the most retracted position. If any more questions contact me via e-mail.