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To make it simple:

1. Use a compatible USB cord to connect the camera to your computer.

2. If this is your first time to connect the device : it will automatically search and obtain compatible drivers from the camera, so this would take a little longer than usual.

3. After the device drivers are installed, or the connection process is finished.

You can now view your photos/videos/files from your camera by opening it on your computer's explorer (Windows + E, if you're on PC)

4. Usually on windows, you can see the camera's name on the explorer together with C:, D:, E:, CD-ROM, etc.

Open it by right-click > Explore/Open or double-click.

5. After opening the camera's root folder, you will see sub-folders. now, it depends on what camera are you using, some cameras uses 2 drives that contains fixed and storage. for this instance, choose 'storage' and browse through the sub-folders on this drive for where the images are stored.

Tip : when browsing, use thumbnails as your view. (right-click > view > thumbnails)

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Q: How do you load pictures from a digital camera onto a computer?
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How do you load old photographs to a computer?

You use a digital scanner to record the pictures as digital picture files for a computer....OR.... a picture of each picture taken with a digital camera.... its easy to do.

How can you see your pictures on the camera after you load them from the computer?

After you load the pictures you find the start button and go to pictures

What can you do with digital camera equipment?

u can take photos & load them in ur computer. u can print them whenever u like You can use a USB cord to hook the camera up to a computer and download all the pictures onto the computer. The camera also has a flash card that you can remove from the camera and take to the store and have pictures made from everything on the flash card.

How would you get an image onto a computer using a digital camera?

Connect the camera to a computer with a USB cable or take the memory card out of the camera and load it into a car reader of a computer.

How do you load movies from your video camera to your computer or laptop?

All digital cameras and video cameras come with a cord; this cord, when plugged in to the camera on one side and to the computer on the other side, enables you to upload the pictures from camera to computer. (If this seems confusing or you want more information, look at you camera owners' manual.)

How can you get the pictures from the Kodak mini camera onto your computer?

The camera comes with a disk you can load into the D: drive of your computer and it will load automatically if it has a memory card you can you can download them from there or you can download them from a disc if they are on a disc

Do you have to download something to load pictures from digital camera onto computer?

most likely you do. It depends on the computer if it'll let you download the pics to your computer. Most computers will let you. But the only way I know of is to download the software onto the computer first. You should have a disk or floppy disk that comes with the digital camera and install it on the computer. That's all I can help with.

How do you load pictures from digital camera to computer for emailing?

all you do is get a usb cable and then plug your camera in to it then plug the other end in the pc. Then wait until it is done downloading make sure your camera was and is on then you just go to the picture then cut and paste in to email

How can I upload an image without a scanner?

Take a photo of it with a digital camera, load it onto your computer and work from there.

Can a digital camera be used as a web cam?

No, Cameras are ment for takin pictures or video, soon probaly they will but, for now they havent thought that far. Yes it can all you have to do is take a photo or film on a digital camra and then up load it onto your computer

Why cant i load pictures from tasco trail camera to my computer using a sd card?

view tasco cam pics from the trail camera to my laptop

How do you import pictures to your computer from a memory card?

A lot of the newer laptops have an SD slot that allows you to see and down load the the photos directly from the card. If not, you can usually hook up your digital camera to your computer with a USB cable and use camera specific software to down load the picture. Another method is to use a card reader specific to your type of card that connects to your computer for the download.

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