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It is just below and behind on the area where the upper radiator hose attaches to the engine.


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how to locate engine coolant temperature sensor on a 1999 Cadillac De Ville Concurs

where is the coolant temperature sensor locate

coolant temperature sensor are located where the coolant runs in the block near the thermostat housing normally the connector are on top of the sensor and the sensor itself screws in with a deep socket. The temperature sensor is usaully located where the coolant runs OUT of the engine close to thermostat housing.

The coolant for a BMW x5 is placed into the coolant overflow tank on the left side of the engine compartment. It should be filled to the full mark when the engine is at operating temperature.

The Fiat Punto has a radiator which receives coolant in order to keep the temperature down. The diagram of this radiator can be found in the owner's manual.

Need to know what it is you want to locate.

In front of the driver-side front tire well. Locate from underneath car (not visible from hood.)

To find the outlet on a radiator is simple. All you have to do is find the hot and cool air that is blowing.

Rewiring a temperature is absolutely necessary when the wire has frayed since the temperature gauge in the car will not work with a burnt wire. Locate the frayed wires and cut them off. Measure the amount of new wiring needed and solder them on.

To drain the coolant on a Mazda 626, locate the drain plug on the bottom of the radiator. Remove the plug and drain the coolant into a pan.

pop the hood, locate the coolant reservoir tank (has a cap with psi and temperature warnings) look on the side of the tank, and there will be a max and a min line. should be filled to min when the motor is cold. hope this helps.

IT IS LOCATED ON THE INTAKE Because ECT (engine coolant temperature) sensor procedures vary depending upon their location, first locate the part. You may need to partially drain the engine coolant to prevent coolant spillage. * Disconnect the negative battery cable. * Unplug the ECT. * Then, unscrew it. * Reverse the removal procedures to install the new part. * Connect the negative battery cable to the battery.

Locate and remove old coolant temperature sensor (disconnect electric connector and you should be able to loosen sensor with an open end wrench; if it's too tight, use a flared end wrench to break it loose). Catch coolant that spills out after sensor is removed, properly dispose of old coolant. Install new sensor in reverse order. Top off coolant. Clear trouble code & test drive vehicle to ensure vehicle performs to spec.

show me where the fuel filter locate at on a 96 3.3 Chrysler conconde

cannot locate AC drain tube on 99 town and country. Water in drivers floor board, only when running AC.

You have a dead short. It's going to take some detective work to locate the source.

There are all sorts of places that coolant can be leaking from. You just have to look until you locate it.

I called the dealer and they said it is in the fuse box under the dash on the driver side by the left side pedals. I looked and see no fuse box

1988 or 1998? either way it is locate on the thermostat housing. on the 1998 model that is at the front of the engine on the left side (as you look at it) on the top some models have one some have two.

Do you meet coolant temperature sensor? There is no fuel temperature sender. The coolant sensor is in the water outlet. Locate the top radiator hose. Follow it to the water outlet. Right next to where the top radiator hose goes in is 2 sensors. They are both coolant temp. sensors. One sends the temperature to the Powertrain Control Module (The computer for the car) the other is the temp sender to the guage. The one with 3 wires goes to the computer and the one with 2 wires goes to the temp guage on the instrument panel.

Temperature sensors are usually locate in the water-pump housing.

Go to Google Earth and type in your country.

There's no country anywhere on the Antarctic continent.

To drain the coolant system on a 98 Corsa, locate the drain plug under the radiator. Remove the plug and catch the run-off in a pan.

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