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How do you locate the reset button for the 'Maintenance Required' light on a Toyota Camry 2004?

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Read the owners manual in the glove box. It will have in the index the light you are talking about. Or find the picture of the dash components in the owners manual and read its description and go from there.

It's the trip meter reset sticking out of the spedo lens. Turn the engine off with the odometer reading[mileage] showing. Turn the ignition switch to the "run" position. Hold the trip meter reset "button" down for five seconds or more. When you see 0000000000 showing,release the button. Odometer reading should appear and light will be out. I have to do it once a year since we only drive about 7500 miles a year.

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How do you reset the maintance lite on a 2005 Toyota corolla?

Locate the button used to toggle between your trip odometer, which should be near the speedometer display. Press the button and hold it down. Turn your vehicle's ignition to the "acc" setting while holding the button. Do not crank the vehicle. Hold the position for five seconds and turn the ignition key off. Release the button. The maintenance light will be reset and will illuminate again the next time service is due.

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