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Any form of cardio exercise, such as cardio walking to lose weight, or running, jogging, etc., is an excellent fat burning exercise.

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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: How do you lose weight on your butt and hips?
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How can you lose weight off your hips and waist but only your hips and waist?


What food should you eat to gain weight on only the hips and butt?

Unfortunately, there are no foods to just make you gain weight in certain areas. You can do exercises to tone up your hips and butt, though.

How do you flatten your butt?

lose weight

When you lose weight do your butt get smaller?


Why do the butt never lose weight?

Because the butt never gets exercised.

What is the best exercise to make your butt smaller?

Lunges and squats will make your butt smaller. Dont expect to lose the weight in your butt instantly because the butt is usually the last part of your body to lose weight.

How can you lose weight on your butt and stomach but gain weight in your breasts?

uhmmm....did you get implants?

How do you lose weight fast in your hips in 2 hours?

That's easy... An operation.

What is the best way to lose weight on hips for a guy?

use an ab circle

What is the best way to lose weight with bad hips?

Swimming or water aerobics

When you lose weight does your butt get big?

No. It becomes smaller as well.

How do you get a slim and thin waist with wide hips and a firm butt within 2 months without losing that much weight?

You cannot do "spot weight loss." That is, you cannot lose weight at your stomach by exercising your stomach. You cannot lose leg fat by exercising your legs. You can only "lose weight." However, not all women are the same. Different women carry weight different ways. Some women tend to have more fat on their hips, stomach, back, breasts, and so on. So, when you lose weight, you will tend to lose fat more in some places than other places, but this cannot be controlled. If you want larger hips and a smaller waist, you simply have to lose weight, and see if you keep some fat at your waist. If not, then your body type won't allow it.

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