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How do you lose weight on your butt and hips?

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Any form of cardio exercise, such as cardio walking to lose weight, or running, jogging, etc., is an excellent fat burning exercise.

2010-05-10 13:39:30
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Q: How do you lose weight on your butt and hips?
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How can you lose weight off your hips and waist but only your hips and waist?


What food should you eat to gain weight on only the hips and butt?

Unfortunately, there are no foods to just make you gain weight in certain areas. You can do exercises to tone up your hips and butt, though.

How do you flatten your butt?

lose weight

What is the best exercise to make your butt smaller?

Lunges and squats will make your butt smaller. Dont expect to lose the weight in your butt instantly because the butt is usually the last part of your body to lose weight.

When you lose weight do your butt get smaller?


Why do the butt never lose weight?

Because the butt never gets exercised.

How do you get a slim and thin waist with wide hips and a firm butt within 2 months without losing that much weight?

You cannot do "spot weight loss." That is, you cannot lose weight at your stomach by exercising your stomach. You cannot lose leg fat by exercising your legs. You can only "lose weight." However, not all women are the same. Different women carry weight different ways. Some women tend to have more fat on their hips, stomach, back, breasts, and so on. So, when you lose weight, you will tend to lose fat more in some places than other places, but this cannot be controlled. If you want larger hips and a smaller waist, you simply have to lose weight, and see if you keep some fat at your waist. If not, then your body type won't allow it.

How can you lose weight on your butt and stomach but gain weight in your breasts?

uhmmm....did you get implants?

How do you lose weight fast in your hips in 2 hours?

That's easy... An operation.

When you lose weight does your butt get big?

No. It becomes smaller as well.

Is there any diet plan which helps you lose the hips and thighs?

Short of liposuction there is no way to target where to lose weight, it's like trying to empty only the left side of a glass. Pick a sensible diet plan and stick with it, and as you lose weight all over youy will lose some from hips and thighs.

Who has the world's biggest hips and butt?

how many largest hips are in world

Does running help you to lose weight from your butt?

Yes it does run as long as you can........

How can you lose weight in your hips quickly?

It took a while to build up the weight, it's going to take a while to remove it.

How can you lose weight in your waist without losing weight in your hips?

Bend over and come back up keep repeating this

What exercises help to lose weight from your hips?

Short of liposuction there's no way to target weight loss. Stick to a sensible diet and exercise plan and you will lose weight a little all over.

How can you lose weight in your legs and butt because they look big?

you can lose weight in your legs and butt by going on the specail K diet and doing tabo every other me you'll see results(:

How do you shake butt?

You shake your butt by shaking your hips very fast.

If your trying to eat fatty foods to get a bigger butt how do you lose weight?

stomach crunches lose weight around your stomach SPECIFICALLY, if u go running or jogging, you will lose weight everywhere...including your but ;)

How do you wipe your butt if you are too fat to reach it?

try lose weight or ask

Need to lose weight in hips and butt areas because they are putting pressure on spine?

Eat salad and fruit salad for breakfast lunch and dinner! Exercise and do yoga! Limit the salad dressing to as close as none! It WILL be worth it in the end trust me! Do until satisfied with weight results!

If you want to lose weight does your butt get smaller as you lose weight?

As you lose weight you will notice that everything get smaller including your butt. Regardless of what people may tell you, it is all most impossible to lose weight from only one area of your body. So when you start losing weight you may not see instant results in one particular area but you will see over time that you are getting smaller all over.

If you lose some weight and your butt shrinks will eating normally get your butt back or will the food put weight back in other places too?

Squats are good for your gluts

What type of exercise will make you lose weight fast but not your butt or breast?

aerobic exercise will work better than anaerobic, but there is no way to control where you lose the weight.

How can you lose weight fast without losing your butt?

ask someone to watch it for you while you lose weight, sometimes its even better that they just hold onto it for you