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Q: How do you lose weight without interrupting your growth if you are 13 years old?
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How does lifting weights stunt your growth?

There is no evidence that weight lifting stunts growth. In fact, bones can become stronger from the exercise. Science has proved that weight training will not stunt your growth even if you start at as young as 10 years old. The real danger is if your not supervised and have bad form injuries may occur.

How do you lose weight without exercise at 12 years old?

Eat less and be more active

Can weight lifting stunt your growth if you 15 years old?

No, it does not stunt growth. The ends of the bone are still growing when young, and some people thought that if the bone was broken your growth would be stunted, but this is undocumented. Lifting is very beneficial at all ages.

How old do you have to be to bench press?

It is advised that one does not do weight training until he/she is 16, for the purposes of proper growth and development during teen years

Can you have a growth spurt at 16 years old?

You certainly can have a growth spurt at 16 years old. Many teenagers experience a growth spurt at 16 years old.

Lifting weights at 8 years old affect your growth?

No, lifting will not stunt your growth as the myth grows. But at such a young age you need supervision, and make sure you do it correctly. There are many benefits of weight training, even at this age.

I am 17 and 5'6 will I grow any taller?

That would depend on your family. You can do a growth chart for yourself by visiting In the search bar on that site type: male growth chart, 17 years, 5'6", (weight in LB)

Why has there been a growth of the presidential administration over the years?

Why has there been a growth of the presidential administration over the years

What is the definition of a mid growth spurt?

In our adolescence years we have a growth spurt, but during our juvenile years we only have a small growth spurt therefore we call it a "mid growth spurt" as it is not fully a growth spurt seen in that of adolescence.

Years after a complete hysterectomy is it possible to develop sudden weight gain caused by the growth of fibroids?

Possible. Are you on HRT? or just go off your hormones? That could be a reason for the weight gain too. Call your doctor.

How old does a child have to be to ride without a boosterseat?

A child has to be four - six years of age before being able to ride without a booster. It is weight dependant and most booster seats will tell you the maximum weight or age on the packaging.

Will working out before you hit puberty stunt your growth?

No it really does not. I've been weight training for about 1.5 years and i've grown 3.5 inches in that time.

How has population growth change in 100 years?

How has population growth change in 100 years

Are there any medicines that enhance the production of growth hormone in human body without any side effects?

All growth enhancers exhibit negative side effects, many of which will not appear for years. Some can be debilitating.

How many years does growth spurt last?

The average male growth spurt lasts for two years, and the average female growth spurt for two to two and a half years. These are only averages, and individuals may experience different lengths of maximum growth.

What is the definition of tree growth rings?

1 ring represents a years growth.

Why does a man stop growing when he gets older?

Males typically cease growth in height when they reach about 21 years of age. This is because when this age is reached, all the cartilage of the epiphyseal plate in the bone is gone. Growth in body weight can change due to diet and lifestyle choices (e.g. exercise) but due to the cessation of growth, not much weight will be significantly gained to accomodate increases in height like it did before.

Is it possible to grow taller at 12 years old so you lose weight?

Normaly at 12 you have at least 6 years of growth to go. and as you grow you will lose the pupy fat, especialy with a bit of exercise and healthy dirt,

You have no hair growth in face?

i am 27 years old male .i have no hair growth in face

How long do growth spurts last?

Growth spurts last for about 10 billion years

When should you start weight training?

Starting weight training depends on exactly why you want to do so. For example, weight training can be a bad idea for many things, especially if you do not have a good trainer. You can begin weight training anytime after you are 16 years old. (There are stories of great body builders who have begun as early as 12) but beginning at around 16 is safer because you would have attained a decent bone growth and height Remember to eat healthy and take the guidance of a good trainer without which the chances of you hurting yourself due to weight training are pretty high...

What are the formula of how to measure growth in a company?

The formula to measure growth is a company is simple. The annual percentage growth rate is the percentage of growth divided by the number of years.

How do you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks if you are nine years old?

If you are 9 years old, you should not try to lose weight unless your doctor tells you to do so. You can stunt your growth by half by lowering the amount of calories you eat.

How many kg should a healthy 10 year weigh?

As a child grows beyond the first few years, the age weight chart becomes less reliable. Since children vary greatly, the growth chart is a much more reliable measure of appropriate wieght. The healthy weight of 10 year olds will vary too much. In order to determine a healthy weight you need the height of the child along with their historical growth pattern. As long as the the height/weight chart stays within the normal ranges and the growth chart does not show any dramatic changes the child is probably of a healthy weight. Child may be in the upper or lower percentages and still be completely healthy as long as their history shows a consistency in growth. The average weight for a ten year old child in the US is about 32kg.

Can you have growth spurts at 25 years old?