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How do you make Naruto characters in sims 2?

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Narutardish AnswerFirst open photoshop & sims bodyshop

then a piece of clothing that looks a bit like the characters, click to save the clothing, then leave the window that whay. Don't press the import into game button yet.

Open it in photoshop, press ctrl u, and make the middle bar go all the whay to the left. Now it's Grey! Make a new layer, make the settings into either overlay ore multiply, what you think looks better, it's something you can always change. You can also make it a little lighter with crtrl U by shoving the bottom bar a little to the right.

collor it like the naruto clothing, ore make cool tekst ore screenshots of the series, ore fanart of naruto to put on the clothing.

(you can even put a picture of yourself on the clothing)

then save it, as photoshop document is dandy for when you want to look back at how you did it, but you also need to save it over the file, so you click save as, and then you click the file you just edited. It wil say something like 'are you sure you want to save this file over the other blablabla, the old file will be gone blablabla' just click yes, you don't need the old file anymore.

Go back to the sims bodyshop and click import into game, now your character can wear it.

Hope I helped you a little, I don't always have internet for these 2 weeks, so my replies might be late.

Oh, one more thing, something I havn't figured out myself. For me the clothing and hair ans stuff, stick to a pattern, so for instance with hair, there is straight long girl hair, and you want to make it the hair of one of the boys choices, so you save the boyhair over the girlhair, but you only get the girlhair the whay the boyhair is collored. SO it looks very messy.

But people allready did change patterns, so I wonder how they did make the sasuke hair and stuff, because it was out of pattern, while my silly whay of doing bodyshop sticks to patterns.

Google Directory Cosplay

Anime Costume resources:

2011-09-13 05:31:44
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Q: How do you make Naruto characters in sims 2?
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On Sims 2 How Can you Download Naruto Characters 2 your Xbox?

You can download Naruto characters for the Sims 2 by getting a mod for the game. The mod will allow you to add the characters.

How do you make Naruto characters in Sims 2 for GameCube?


On the sims 2 ps2 how can you make your sims look like naruto characters?

i don't think it can be done on a ps2 game. but you can do it for PC because of downloads but not for PS2

How do you get Naruto characters on sims 2?

Go to, click on exchange/sims. Then search any naruto character you want and it will come up. Download it and get it on your sims game.

How do you get the Akatsuki cloak on The Sims?

you should go download it from the sims 2 site, mod the sims or go to you'll find all the shippuden characters/ and normal naruto characters , akatsuki, and other animes

Is there a Naruto Sims 3?

with downloads you can make naruto sims or sims for any other anime! the sims 3 website has items to download and modthesims2 . com has downloads for the sims 2 and 3

How do you make Naruto sims in Sims 2?

You can download many of the Naruto Sims from Mod the Sims. I have several of them myself. See the related links below for a few of them. You can search for other characters. They are always adding new ones. There are probably some other sites that have them as well, but I have had really good luck finding them at this site.

Where can you download the Naruto character add-on for the Sims 2?

You can go to to download naruto characters,clothes,jobs,etc.

How do you get Naruto on the. Sims. 2 pets ps2?

No I don't think you can make naruto but you can make someone that looks like him

Download Naruto costumes on the sims 2 ps2?

ja hacu skacac igru naruto sims 2

Sims 2 Naruto?

They have downloads of naruto stuff you can get online.

How do you get Naruto costumes on Sims2 for ps2?

that's impossible because naruto and the sims 2 are two separate games. Actually the first answer is stupid and what really should have been said is if you buy the sims 2 for the computer than you can go to and download the naruto characters but you cannot do that in the ps2 games

Naruto headbands in sims 2?


Where can you get the Naruto chracters in The Sims?

Go onto the sims 3 or 2 website and go onto exchange, then go on sims and type in the keywords Naruto there might be a naruto sim that someone has created,

What are all the characters in naruto clash of ninja revolution 2?

there are 36 characters in naruto clash of ninja revolution 2

How do you make characters in the sims 2?

Ok , when you are in your town , there should be a picture of a cartoon falmily with a plus sign ( + ) by it , click on it then You have sims , !

What is better sims 1 or 2?

They both have pros and cons. For example, in Sims 1 you can raise kids and get the "monkey maid" and on Sims 2 you can make your characters look more realistic.

How do you get Naruto headbands on the sims 2?

cheat codes

On the sims 2 can gays have babies?

Yes, sims 2 gay characters can have babies.

Can sims 2 characters get pregnant?


How many characters are in Naruto accel 2?

In naruto accel 2, there are 75 characters in total. That includes the character transformation, like curse mark sasuke.

Can you have the Sims 3 and the Sims 2?

Yes, but you wont have the same characters and neighbourhoods.

Will people be able to use different characters in story mode of Naruto Rise of a Ninja 2?

Yes, you can use 7 different characters in story mode of Naruto: The Broken Bond (Naruto 2).

Can sims characters on sims 2 xbox have kids?

No they can't which is a really annoying fact about it. Sims 2 on xbox just allows you to complete other characters goals. There should be a family setting in it too.

How do you put Naruto supennded uniform on the sims 2?

pleaseee heelp me!