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In order to make a model of the human heart, one first needs to have pictures of how it looks. Once one has located the pictures, then one starts to construct the model.

Next, decide how big you want your model. If you want it to life sized, you will probably need an armature. An armature is a framework to put the clay on. You can use old screening mesh, a ball, plastic wrap, or anything that has a shape that is similar to the thing you are making. When you build your armature, remember to put a stick stand in it to hold your model off the table.

If we are using modeling clay (the kind that you buy at a department store), use the base color to make the main body of the model. Then add the arteries, veins, and valves using different colors. This will give the model variety and interest...and give you a better grade!

If you are an advanced student, there are other methods available. One is to use the baked type of clay, commonly known as Sculpy. This product will enable you to make a very detailed model in pieces and bake them in an oven. When it is done, the model can be glued together or velcroed so that the interior can be illustrated. This method takes skill and much work, usually more than a couple of days.

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Q: How do you make a clay model of a human heart?
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