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How do you make a guy like you?


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That's a question I've been trying to answer as well.

Anyways the sollution is:

--To be confident and go up to him to say Hi, and then start the conversation from there.

--Smile at him.

--Try to be liked by everyone, even if you hate them.

--Be nice to everyone because he might be watching you and he needs to know you've got a good heart.

--Take care of your self.

--Wear nice smelling perfume, or try something new to catch his eye.

--If you get to talk to him, make out that your his friend and try not to take things fast.

--Start of by saying Hi, then first ask about him and what he likes to do. Then talk about yourself. (Boys liked being asked about themselves and they like knowing they're cared about.)

--Don't talk to him too much, he will think your desperate.

--Once you know each other abit, ask him if he likes you but assume your asking it in a friendly way. If he says yes then say you like him to and then leave him alone for a few days but do still say Hi.

--Then ask him out or he would have asked you out before. Say 'I'll think about it.'

So you don't sound clingy but don't make him wait too long otherwise he will have lost interest in you.


Don't follow or stalk the guy or he might feel really freaked out. Just tell him how you feel about him and leave him alone.