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How do you make a guy see that you are perfect for each other if everyone sees it except for him?



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what i think you should do is jst keep hanging around him and in the end he will realize that he really does like you trust me i was in that same situation .-Alissa

It doesn't really matter what everyone else thinks. He has to like you, not be told that he should like you. If you're really perfect for each other this guy should see it to. but until he realizes that you can't pressurize him. If you're really right for each other, it will happen won't it, he'll come round in the end!!!

I agree, he'll come around when he realizes that, you are the one for him. So be patient.

This is irrelevant to the "everyone see its except him" part but really if it was meant to be something (destiny/fate/etc.) would make him see it. Take this for example: I met a girl in 2nd grade. We knew each other for a few weeks or so. Over time i forgot her name and what she looked like and after 2 yrs i wondered if she even existed. Around 4th grade I somehow seen a shadow figure in my mind of who she was and felt that "love warmth." 6th grade I met her again and as soon as I seen her I knew her name and everything that time erased. Out off all the girls there, she was the only one I cared about. When that grade ended though she transferred out of the school. 2 yrs (7th and 8th grade) went by without me really thinking of her. Fresh yr I randomly started thinking of her when examining how i love. I fell hardcore in love with her because of a little white lie I made (told her i had no memory of us pre6th because I was embarrassed of the only one I really had). I wrote a lot about her during freshmen and sophomore year. Then New Years I decided to put my past with her behind me. Two and a half months later, after dating my new girlfriend for just 3 weeks or so, she called me. After 3 and a half years she finally called me just as I put her behind me. So I started think of her more then stop thinking of her so hard. The day after I got another girl (9 months later) she called me again. This time though we talked often. Recently communication got extremely low as she was moving back to my state. After about 2 weeks of no communication I decided chasing after her wasn't a good idea. I did that with Nikki (my girlfriend from Nov). The day after I decide that and write it down in a bulletin, she emails me. Basically, the whole point of this long story is that if you two were meant to be something would keep him attached to you when he gives up on you or drive you to him. You'll always be in him mind, even when there is no reason for you to be. Not even time and distance could separate you from him. That how you make him see you two are perfect for each other: when Fate and Destiny take hands and "line the stars up" for you.


i used to be that guy... the thing i hated is when she stopped talking about me and left me alone. i really hated that.

I would recommend trying to spend more time with him, maybe get some one on one time. When guys spend time with a girl that they click with and find attractive feelings will tend to grow. If you work at it and give it some time it should work. If not you can always boil his rabbit. That usually gets their attention.


Spend more time with him, let him see another side of you, the potential girlfriend side. If he still doesn't feel the same, maybe you are'NT so perfect for each other. You should'NT have to try any harder than just being your natural self. My best advice would be not to waste too much time on someone who's not interested. I'm sure once you stop trying so hard, the right boy will find YOU.