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How do you make a model of a cliff?



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well there's many way's one of them is to get a false roof tile (things you somtimes get in schools) and cut them with a atanley into strips. Then ctack them tpwards and glue with wood/PVA glue. Then after it's dry get a wire brush and scrape the front then joust paint ___________________________OR__________________________ get some wood blocks and mold them into a rough shape of your clift. then simply coner with plaster. AND IT'S VERY IMPORTANT to cover the wet plaster with some scrunched up kitchen foil to give a impression (or roll into a ball and dab a phew patches here and there) joust wait for it to fry, peel the foil off, and paint. You an use lots of sheets of polystyrene to build up the side and cover with plaster. ___________________________OR__________________________ Get a brown tile, cover the back of the area that you want to be a clift and simply pot cork bark on the front (i use hornby rock material (R.8070)