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Q: How do you make a pedigree for Klinefelter's syndrome?
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What chromosome is klinefelters syndrome located on?

they have a extra chromosome, a normal male is XY, a male with klinefelters is XXY.

Is klinefelters syndrome deadly?

Yes i belive it is ny g

Is klinefelters syndrome autosomal or x- linked?


How does klinefelters syndrome affect the rest of the family?

I don't know tell me the answer

Is klinefelters syndrome debilitating?

Physically, no; mentally, that's up to the strength of the individual.

Can animals get klinefelters or turners syndrome as humans do?

Yes animals do sometimes have Turner's syndrome or Klinefelter's syndrome with similar characteristics as those observed in humans.

I what conditions is caused by a sex-linked gene klinefelters syndrome down syndrome muscular dystrophy?

Klinefelters is sex chromosome trisomy. Down Syndrome is trisomy. One of the most common forms of MD is sex-linked and affects boys more frequently than it does girls.

What disease afflicts males in which normal sexual characteristics fail to develop?

Klinefelters Syndrome

Does the Y chromosome in Klinefelters syndrome look like the X chromosome?

No. People with Klinefelter's syndrome have a normal Y chromosome and 2 normal X chromosomes.

What does klinefelters syndrome come from what type of mutation?

Nondisjunction, or sending both chromosomes to one cell during meiosis.

Is a man with Klinefelters syndrome is likely to display some female characteristics?

Yes. Enlarged Breasts is one characteristic

Can a male with klinefelters syndrome produce a baby without klinefelters syndrome?

First a testicular biopsy should be done to determine if he has any viable sperm. Some men with this condition do have some viable sperm in their testicles and if he does, in-vitro fertilization may be a possibility. However, if he does not have any viable sperm, then you would need to use donor sperm to become pregnant. Hope this helps.