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How do you make glucose syrup?

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Simple. Take a cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of water and heat till just thickened. Not too long or it will become a solid.

Actually, the above method will not result in glucose. Table sugar is "sucrose" (a mixture of fructose and glucose) and heating it with water does not change this; it remains a mixture of fructose and glucose. (It is not very practical to attempt making pure glucose in a home environment, however many supermarkets sell it in hydrated and powdered form for use in cooking).

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What is glucose syrup?

Glucose is a sugar used by your body as energy. Glucose syrup has enough water added to the glucose to make a syrup.

What are the Side effects of glucose syrup?

the effect of glucose syrup

Does syrup have glucose in it?

yes because glucose is sygar and there is sugar in syrup

Is glucose the same as glucose syrup?

Glucose is sugar that the body needs, and may or may not be same as syrup...

What is the weight of 1 cup glucose syrup?

what is the weight of a cup of glucose syrup.

Is golden syrup the same as glucose syrup?


What is difference between glucose and golden syrup?

Pure glucose is significantly thicker than a sugar syrup you would make on your own. It's even thicker than honey.

Chemical formula of glucose syrup?

Glucose syrup is glucose dissolved in a medium of water. Glucose has a chemical formula of C6H12O6. It shares this chemical formula with fructose.

Is corn syrup a carb?

Yes, corn syrup is primarily sugar, which is a carbohydrate. Same applies to glucose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup and most other things with the word "syrup" in the name.

Where in the world is corn syrup from?

Corn syrup is also called glucose syrup. It is not the product of one country; many produce glucose syrup. However "corn syrup" is generally an American term.

What are some names for corn syrup?

Because it consists mostly of glucose, it is sometimes referred to as glucose syrup.

What is glucose used in baking?

glucose is a sugar syrup.

Is corn syrup the same as glucose syrup?

I have no idear tehee

What are the constituent elements of glucose syrup?

Elements in Glucose Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Glucose syrup has some water in it, so elements in Water Oxygen Hydrogen

Can you substitute liquid glucose in place of corn syrup?

you can subsitute pure glucose for light corn syrup and visa versa.

Is glucose the same as corn syrup?


Is glucose syrup gelatine?

No Gelatine is a Protein made from Animal collagen, while Glucose syrup is a sugar sirup made from Plants.

What is the difference between invert sugar and glucose syrup?

what is the difference between simple syrup and invert syrup

Is corn syrup treacle?

No, corn syrup is glucose. Treacle is a separate thing.

What is in corn syrup besides corn?

Corn syrup is the name of glucose syrup that has been derived from the corn plant. (In the UK it is just called glucose syrup). So the only ingredient in it is pure sugar (from corn); nothing else.

Does draught strongbow cider contain glucose-syrup if yes is derived from wheat?

Canned strongbow contains glucose syrup. Glucose syrup is a sugar that can be derived (processed) from corn in th USA and wheat in Europe. It will classed as gluten free

Is liquid glucose the same as glucose syrup?

Yes, it's exactly the same.

Is glucose syrup a food additive?


What is the chemical formula for glucose syrup?


Why are large amounts of starch syrup converted to glucose syrup?

because of elephants in microwaves