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How do you make ice minecraft xbox 360?

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you can make it by placing a water source in a snow biome. But there can not be a block above it. Just to let you know you cant collect it while in survival.

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How do you make ice cream in Minecraft?

There is no official way to make ice cream in Minecraft. There may be a user made mod that would allow you to make ice cream. Currently ice cream is not planned to be added to Minecraft.

How do you build a freezer in Minecraft?

Make a box of ice with a door to get in.

Can you make ice in Minecraft?

Placing water in cold biomes will cause it to freeze and become ice.

How do you make ice blocks in minecraft?

You cannot, as of 1.6.2, craft an Ice block in Minecraft. There are only two ways to get it: 1. Spawn one in via cheats or creative. 2. Acquire a tool with Silk Touch and Mine the Ice Block.

How do you unlock collosis in marvel Ultimate Alliance?

you get him at the beginning so go to a shield access point and he is standing behind ice man [xbox 360]

How do you unlock colossus in marvel Ultimate Alliance?

on the xbox 360 version he is already unlocked at the beginning and he is standing behind ice man but I do not know about any other console

How do you turn ice to water in minecraft?

place ice in a snow/winter biome, then it will turn to ice.

Is their a blood and ice expansion for sacred 2 fallen angel for the xbox 360?

No :/ only the carrier imp which is stupid. Just looked. I wsh they did though. Got realy excited

How do you collect ice in Minecraft?

You cannot collect ice within Minecraft. You can add it into your inventory using a third-party tool or mod such as Invedit, or the TooManyItems mod.

How do you get to the ice dimention on Minecraft?

There is no ice dimention in Minecraft. Currently there are 3 dimensions: - The Overworld (normal world) - The Nether (hell-like world) - The End (home of the ender dragon)

How do you turn water to ice in minecraft?

It turns to ice naturally when in a snow biome. You can also farm ice with the Silk Touch enchantment added to your pickaxe. There are many simple contraptions you can build to mass produce ice blocks. See the link below for the Minecraft Wiki with video links.

What is Ice-T's xbox live gamertag?

Ice-T's gamertag is LORD 187X.

How do you be a fun girlfriend?

you can always try a movie with your boyfriend, play the video game (xbox 360, ps3, etc) play wrestle with him, play sports with him, feed him when ever you go out for ice cream or something to eat!

How do you become a snow weather in minecraft?

You cannot change yourself into weather, but if you are looking to find out how to make it snow in Minecraft, there are two ways to do this. One is by going to a biome with snow on the ground or ice, and waiting for it to snow. The second way can only be achieved by commands, and it is by again finding a biome with snow or ice on the ground and typing /toggledownfall

What is the command to make the snow melt in Minecraft?

Using World Edit, a multiplayer Bukkit plugin, you can do //thaw [radius] to melt all snow and ice in that radius.

Where do you find snow on minecraft?

You can find snow in cold biomes, such as ice taigas, tundras and ice spikes. To make snow blocks, you need to dig up snow and arrange the snowballs in a 2x2 square on your crafting grid.

How do you make ice cream with dry ice?

You don't. To make ice cream you want to make it with ice cream salt.

Can you mine ice in Minecraft?

No. You can break it and it will turn into water.

How do you make soft ice cream mix?

you make it by yougurt and also ice you make it by yougurt and also ice

How do you make ice mocha?

make some ice in an ice cantainer make a mocha put in your fridgerator for twenty minutes pull it out and put some ice in it wallaaaaaa you have an ice mocha

Where can you learn to make ice cream?

You can make ice creams in youtube or chefs that you know that like to make ice creams.

What will make ice melt faster?

salt will make ice melt by mixing into the ice and lowering its melting point. Also, breaking up ice will make it melt faster.

What ice cream companies make pistachio ice cream?

if you buy an ice cream machine, you can make pistachio ice cream by yourself.

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