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You can't. Unless you opt for cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, you are stuck with flat back. However, just as breast implants became increasingly popular, 'brazilian butt lifts' are growing in popularity. No word on the cost of such a procedure.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-12 00:08:16
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Q: How do you make it so your butt gets big and pops out?
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How do you make butt big?

A butt implant!

How do you make your butt look big in jeans?

You can not. However, you could make your butt bigger if you want to make your butt look bigger in anything. Just eat and sit on your butt, and it will grow.

What foods make your butt big?


Can yogurt make your butt big?

It is possible

What is the proper response to that age-old question of 'Do these pants make my butt look big'?

A certain comedian had the unmitigated GALL to answer this question by saying, "No, honey, those pants don't make your butt look big, your BIG BUTT makes your butt look big". NOT very nice...

Do butt clenches make your butt bigger?

Sorry but no not at all if you do lunges correctly and eat bread it will go to your butt and your butt will be big :)

What foods make your butt grow huge?

Cock'o'nut. so if we eat cockonut our butt will become big? i already have a huge butt i want to make it smaller bread will make your butt bigger

Does bread make your butt big?

It only makes your butt big. it is very high in carbohydrates so it will make a "large butt" if not working out or being active enough to work those "stored" carbs off... best of luck to you ... ....and your butt... !!!

How do you make your butt big on imvu?

you have to go to the shop and buy a product just search bmxxl and then you can have a big butt but they are really expinsive lol personalily i have a big butt on imvu

Can cheese make your butt big?

Cheese is a type of fat food from animals, and makes your butt big because all the fat in the cheese stores in your butt, not your stomach.

how big is your butt?


How big is my butt?

as big as ur face

What should you say when someone asks 'do these pants make your butt look big'?

Just say, "No. Your butt really is that big."

Does cornbread make your butt big?

Oh yeah.

Does eating potatoes make your butt big?


Do squats help your butt get big?

Yes, squats make your butt big, because it helps your glute muscle to get strong. It will get big, but it's going to be hard.

Can you make squats to make your butt bigger?

Yes, Squats will make your butt very big. You"ll have the men face deep in no time.

What can you do to make your butt big?

you can eat lots of rice and beans- starch always makes your butt bigger.

How can you make your butt look big?

wear tight pants.

Does squats make your butt big?

Yes, its the best exercise for it.

You are African American and you have a flat as a pancake butt and big hips Why is your body like that and what can you do to make your butt more shapely and rounder?

you pick your butt

Which sports make your butt bigger?

Skating and downhill skiing are good for building big glutes - butt muscles.

How do you make your but big?

I believe you meant butt* And squats should do the trick

Does drinking chocolate milk make your butt size big?

No, it doesn't make your butt big. Over eating can make it big, whatever food is eaten. Just like any other food, too much chocolate milk can cause weight gain.

What are some good exercises to make your butt bigger?

If you lift your hand to your mouth and put a lot of sugar in there, your butt will get big :)