How do you make jeans tighter?

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How do you make the butt and thigh of jeans fit tighter?

Eat Twinkies

How do you make your jeans tighter?

put them on then sit in the bath. let them dry on you and they will shrink to the size of your body. awkward and cold, but super-tight jeans!

Why does the front of your jeans get tighter when you see a hot girl go by?

because the heat from the girl causes the fabric of your jeans to contract which makes them feel tighter.

What jean size is the one tighter than straight size?

skinny jeans

Do Jimmy neutrons feet sweat?

Yes they do because his converse are tight which make his feet smell and at the bottom of his jeans are rolled up to make his shoes tighter and sweatier

What is the length difference between short and regular in women's jeans?

Short jeans will have a tighter fit, but it has a certain look that may not be for everyone.

The tighter a skinny jeans is the better it looks?

Depends on the size of your butt!! Skinny jeans do not suit large people, but if you are size medium or smaller, the tighter the jeans the better. However, you should not wear jeans that you can't fit two fingers under the belt while they are on, otherwise they might cause internal injuries in the long term.

Why are a pair of bullhead gravels slim jeans sometimes tighter than a pair of dillon skinny jeans?

It might be the difference in materials or elastene.

How do you make skinny jeans skinnier?

Well I don't think you can make them tighter but you can buy super tight ones to begin with. Legging jeans (tight) or even jeggings (super tight; get good ones that look like jeans, not leggings (unless you want them to)). They're in a lot of stores. I get mine at Abercrombie and Hollister and I love them.

Name something that a woman often wears tighter than a man?


Can you put a piece of ice inside your vagina to make it tighter?

No only exercise the muscles will make it tighter. If you want it to be tighter during sex just squeeze.

What jeans are skinnier Levi's 510 or Levi's 511?

510's are the skinniest but if you want your jeans even tighter try the new curve IDs or their jeggings on the woman floor

What is unique about the shape of bootcut jeans?

Bootcut jeans get tighter below the knee cap and then widen around the ankle to allow the wearer to fit a boot inside of them, however bootcut jeans are commonly worn both with and without boots.

Can you make womens jeans?

You can make jeans if you know how.

Where can I get skinny jeans that are actually right orotund the ankle for men?

Many retailers carry skinny jeans that are tight around the ankles for men. If tighter ankles are required, there are quite a few tailors who will alter a pair of jeans for a small fee.

How do you make your shirt tighter?

It depends on which gender you choose. Females have tighter shirts than males.

Does the IUD make a girl tighter?


How do you make your bra tighter?

You can make your bra tighter by adjusting the straps. You can also put the back strap on the hooks that are the furthest from the end of the strap.

How do you make groovy retro jeans?

To make groovy retro jeans is jeans rainbow boots and yellow tank top

How do you make blue jeans?

you can make blue jeans by denim and use a sewing machine and sew them and you have to make sure that they are even you cand invent blue jeans

How can you make your vagina tighter after kids?

Kegel exercises.

How can vinegar be used to make the vagina tighter?


How do you make the inside of your vagina tighter?

By doing exercises

Can alum make a girl vagina tighter?

Sure it can!

Who is the first person to make Jeans?

The first person to make jeans was jack loneragan

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