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why are you asking random ppl on the internet that? you should find out her spots and take it from there Have tons and tons of foreplay before a night of long lasting sex. Act as if you are trying to satisfy her every whim. You would probably reach the qualifications after that.

To best create a passionate atmosphere, one should first spray lots of perfume in the room of lovemaking (i.e. kitchen, hallway, crawl space, basement, or even a bedroom). After the smell of the room is set, I suggest finding some sexy tunes to get you both in the mood. Country Music is often the best genre for making passionate love. Next, you should get lots of cushions for the room so you don't get rug burn from lovemaking.

Once the mood is set, you should try to start things off with massaging or dry humping. This will be sure to induce an erection. Once the erection is ready, insert it into a vagina, mouth, or anus (or hand if you don't want diseases). After that, try placing the erection into a different hole. Repeat until ejaculation. Remember, making love does not always mean "having sex." You could also try writing romantic poetry together or even filming some soft core pornography (that way the two of you will have sexy fun memories for viewing)

Oh dear gods, please, whatever you do, DO NOT play country music. Something nice and slow and romantic is always best. Cheesy as it sounds, Barry White is usually a good choice... his voice seems to hit a chord in a woman's clitoris.

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Q: How do you make passionate love to a girl?
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