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Change your phone number and cell phone, and make sure your new number is unpublished, not just unlisted. I believe unlisted phone numbers can sometimes still be given out by operators. Unpublished numbers can't.

Make sure both phones have caller ID and use it.

Get a court order to keep him away from you.

Rather than trying to convince him, set your email so that his emails go to "junk," delete his phone calls (unless they are threatening--record those and store recordings away from home), and do not answer the door to him. For mail, if you have a box in the front of your home, get a post office box to maintain your privacy. If the lack of response from you does not work, a restraining order may be what you need.

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Q: How do you make sure your abusive ex will no longer contact you?
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How do you tell others he is abusive?

tell some one you trust who can get you help but not put you in more danger. make sure they will be supportive and tell them everything omitted nothing. also realize that means you can no longer have any contact with him anymore, at least until he gets help.

How can you make sure that you will get through to your abusive parent that you will not tolerate your boundaries being violated anymore?

Whoa. What exactly do you expect people to tell you here. If its their house, unfortunately, you have to leave or contact an adult that you trust. Contact your local chapter of Social Services. They WILL be able to help you. You're not going to get anywhere "laying down the law" to your parents, abusive or not. Good luck, ~ T

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