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The radio lights are supposed to come on when you turn on your headlights and adjust with the rest of your dashboard lights. I had this problem when I purchased my 1995 Mercury Villager back in 1997 with a mere 33k miles on the odometer. I believe the mechanic replaced the display panel under warranty. I have not had a problem since. I will look for that work authorization and get back to you if it was something different. I am not sure If your problem is the same but it is worth exploring replacing the display panel. Good Luck


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Remove the radio retaining cover from your 2000 Mercury Villager radio. Remove the radio retaining screws. The stereo will slide out. Remove the antenna cable and the wiring harness from the back of the stereo.

You might try this site ( and see if it has the answers you're looking for. You have to register to enter.

I remove my stereo from my GMC Truck and now my lights don't work

whats the wireing diagram for a 1998 mercury mystique.

Check to see if the Neon stereo lights come on. If the radio lights up then there could be an internal problem or a problem with an external amplifier.

I do not know, but I am having the same problems with the removal of my 1994 tracer's stereo

Mercury capri glove box light.

Check your fuses as this is very common when an after market stereo is installed.

It happened to my Buick after I put in Stereo. The insulation was off one of the stereo wires causing a short which killed my dash lights.The stereo worked.My dash lights didn't.Check your radio wires and make sure its not grounding out.

I'm guessing your stereo is aftermarket. If so, then whoever installed it did it wrong or tried something tricky.

The fact that the lights don't work may be a problem with the fuse. You should have your radio examined by a professional.

The stereo wiring diagram for a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis is available from a factory service repair manual. These manuals can be found online and PDF. format.

Illumination is the ability to lighten the screen or darken the screen with the other dash lights on the vehicle. normally you will have two orange wires coming from the cars wiring harness one with a white stripe one without. The orange/white wire will make the stereo dim or brighten with the dash lights. the solid orange wire will dim/brighten the stereo with the headlights. so if it is night you will have the headlights on, when you turn the headlights on the stereo dims so the light from the stereo will not blind you at night. while the headlights are off the stereo will be bright so the stereo light will be visible in the daytime

If it is an after market stereo, sound as if someone spliced the stereo power source wire (Hot Wire) into the wire going to the headlight switch.

the dimmer control wire to the stereo lights is shorting out to fix need to take radio out and look real close at all the wires

It's complicated, but you have to make a relay (SSR) that connects to the output of the stereo, and connect the lights to the relay. Heres a website that shows how to do it:

I was putting in a new stereo in my car and i was pushing with a screwdriver to pushing the wires throw i cause the lights interior not working and the clock keeps going back one oclock when turned off and car door bleeper and stereo not work at all You probably blew a fuse, check the fuses.

To replace the radio on the Villager, first remove the bezel from around the radio by prying it from the dashboard. Then, squeeze the clips on either side of the radio to remove it from the dash. Disconnect the wires and attach them to your new stereo. Then, replace the clips and the bezel.

I'm not sure if this is the same but the ground wire going to the stereo is not really ground! Try running the hot wires for your new stereo right to the fuse box or straight to the bat and see if that cures it. I had a problem that was very similar but it wasn't a Tacoma.

I bought a stereo to install myself. The pro-installer/salesman told me of this wire. You know how the stereo display light goes brihgt to dim when you turn on your head lights? This is a low voltage input to the stereo. Is this what you are dealing with? is the best site for diagrams for stereos, enjoy!!!

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