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Get a test light and find where you are loosing voltage.

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Q: How do you make the turn signals and AC on an '88 Ford Ranger 4x4 work when all the fuses and relays that are known of have been changed?
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You changed the multi function switch on 2000 Neon and still don't have flasher or turn signals why?

check fuses and relays and flasher and go from there

Why your turn signals not working for 97 ford ranger?

not fuses or relay?

Why would the turn signals and hazard lights on a 1994 Toyota Corolla not work?

check the fuses and then check the flasher relays

Changed wiper motor and switch wiper still don't work on my 97 f150?

Check fuses and relays

No turn signals or hazards?

The year, make and model would help but, check the fuses, the bulbs, the flasher relays and last but not least, the switch.

Which fuses control what functions for 1999 ford ranger xlt?

You can view the 1999 Ford Ranger owners manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Information ( the fuses and relays section starts on page 134 )

Where is inline fuse or relay on a 2008 3500 Dodge truck?

All fuses and relays are in the underhood fuse box.All fuses and relays are in the underhood fuse box.

How do you fix it when turn signals do not work but flashers do?

The signals and the emergency flashers have separate circuits, separate fuses, separate flasher relays. Start with checking the fuses, the bulbs, the signal flasher relay and wiring and if it still doesn't work it may be the signal switch is bad.

1993 Bonneville changed fuses but turn signals still do not work?

Might be turn signal flasher

Where is the relay box on a 2010 Chrysler Sebring?

All fuses and relays are under the hood, next to the battery.All fuses and relays are under the hood, next to the battery.

How do you find relays in 95 jeep?

Check the drivers manual, fuses and relays are listed in there.

Where are the fuses and relays on a 2001 Ford Taurus?

Main fuses and relays are in PD box next to battery. Interior fuses are in a box under dash, left side of steering column.

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