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grab that person hold them in your arms and tell them you love them and your sorry then kiss like you never have before

AnswerIt depends on if it's a misunderstanding between the two of you had, their fault or yours. Even if it was their fault it takes a very confident and caring friend to take the first step towards healing a broken friendship and say "Lets talk about it". It's important to ask yourself if this friend is worth getting back with. None of us are 100% perfect, but if you have been feeling like you're doing all the giving and it's strictly a one-sided friendship you need to communicate this to your friend and if they refuse to accept this and won't work on the friendship it's time to move on.

I just broke-off a 22 year old friendship with one of my girlfriends. I do all the giving and she does all the taking. While other of her friends have just faded off into the sunset I've stood by her all these years because she was ill for a long period of time and I was helping her and there was a bond there. Generally, I wouldn't take so much garbage from a person, but I did talk to her on several occasions and laid the law down. It's obvious rules and regulations don't apply to her. I began to realize I wasn't my best when I had close contact with her and she robbed me of my energy (drama queen and woe is me all the time) so I finally had to end it because she was high maintenance and it left me no time for my other friends. She had her chance to communicate with me to better our friendship and didn't take the bait.

But that was the other girls oppinion and that would be more of who you were in a relationship with

tell them your sorry and send them a note or a text or e-mail saying how sorry you are and send them a sad face and like a sorry poem.

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Q: How do you make up with a friend?
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How do you make your friend grow up?

Sadly, there is nothing you can do. Your friend will have to mature at his own rate.

I broke up with my friend how can i make it better?

Apologise to your friend for whatever you did and say you want to be friends again.

What is a good poem to give a friend on a card for their thirteenth birthday?

A cardu make up for ur friend

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How can your guy friend make it up to you?

Get him to prove that you can trust him! Get him to apologize and write a list of what he could do to make it up to you

Ive know my best friend friend for 6 years we've had to physical fights and have spoken in 2 years should i make up with him?

You should definitely make up with your friend. Nothing can replace friendship. Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver one is gold.

What do you do if your parents are breaking up?

my friend went through this, what i did was just talk to your friend make sure their okay be there for whatever they need just make sure their okay.

How do you make an imaginary freind?

To make an imaginary friend you must make somebody up like a monster or just a simple person. Now, remember your imaginary friend is invisible to everyone else but you, and you control what he/she does. Congratulations You now have an imaginary friend.

Make a sentence with a word 'jumps?

my friend jumps up and down.

How do you make up with your best friend if she is calling you an idiot?

ask her what did you do to be an idiot

How do you convince your boyfriend that his best friend is not a true friend?

You can't convince him. You can tell him and your reasons for thinking he is not a good friend but ultimatly he must make up his mind.

How do you make your friend like you again?

You never give up and try until you succeed. If they are a true friend they will be forgiving and understanding

Does a friend make a good lover?

Yes if you have a broken up allot of times and a friend is there to comfort you ask them to be you Girlfriend OR boyfriend)

What if you don't receive mail from a friend for long?

Make up excuses and call.

Was there really a house named Emma?

No.If a friend told you they make it up!

How do you make your friend not watch twilight?

Well, you can't make your friend not watch it. but you can advise her not to watch it because it wasn't that good. However, whatever she does is totally up to her.

What do you do when you and your friend like the same guy?

Be honest with your friend and make sure that your friendship will last, regardless of who ends up dating the guy.

How do you tell your friend that you are bisexual and like her?

Make sure your friend is gay or bisexual before you do that. If not, you are just setting yourself up for heartache.

What could you do when you are in a fight with your best friend and you want to make up but it was her fault?

just make it up with her. if she sees you making the move, she might apologise as well

She had affair and Broken up nowshe your friend how to make in love with you?

she my friend but i like lott.. but that time she was in affair and recently she broken up just i wana no how can i say i love,her How approched to her

What do you do when your friend wants you to gang up on someone?

This shouldn't be difficult to answer. You don't gang up on the other person. The problem comes when your friend wants you to join in on hurting someone. Is this the type of friend you really want in your life? Would a true friend ask this of you, no. A true friend would try to stop you from ganging up on somebody else. Also just put yourself in the shoes of the person who is being ganged up on. Would you want this to happen to you. You have a choice to make, you can go with the crowd mentality and gang up on this person, or you can make up your own mind and not join in. The choice is yours I hope you make the right one.

How do you know if your friend doesn't want to be your friend?

You will know by the way they treat you, speak to you, make you feel and make excuses up that are very obvious. If this is the case let them go and don't let them bother you as they are not a real friend in the first place.

How do you make a friend into a faithful friend?

You can't make another person be the person you want them to be. You can be a faithful friend to your friend and your friend may reciprocate.

How do you get a guy you like to break up with your best friend?

First you have to answer the question who do you like more your best friend or the guy you like. If you break them up you have to lose one of them preferably your best friend. To break them up you have to tell your best friend all bad and suspicious things that her boyfriend does. But don't make it obvious that you want them broken up, just be as causal as you can and sneak it into the conversation.

How can you make up to your friend if you done something horrible?

You could meet up face to face,or write an apology letter on paper or online,or make something that could make them moved!