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Oversized exhaust, headers and/or different mufler.

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Q: How do you make your 06 mustang make that throaty sound and when you are idling?
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What would cause your van to make a pulsating sound while its idling?

Check your cooling fan motor. If it is no good when it goes on it will make a pulsating sound.

How do you tell if exhaust manifold cracked in 1998 jeep wrangler?

it will make a puff puff sound while idling.

How do you make a mustang sound mean?

By adding a dual exhaust and/or exhaust headers either short or long tubes for sound and performance

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If you already have dual exhaust on a 1999 Mustang and want it to be louder and deeper what would will make the best sound cheaply?

Go with a 40 serious flowmaster 3 chamber muffler. That will make it sound deep and powerful!

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Which car company makes the Mustang?

ford make the mustang

Why does your car make this whirrring sound?

Without hearing it, it is hard to say. When does it occur, does it vary in pitch or volume, while idling or only when moving. More information is always helpful.

Can you swap a 1997 mustang v6 into a 1968 mustang fastback?

You can swap a 1997 Mustang V6 into a 1968 Mustang. You will need to make several modifications to the 1968 Mustang.

How do I fix a screeching noise in my 2011 dodge ram pickup?

I have a screeching sound in my pick up when it gets up to 2000 rpms. Does not make the noise while idling and starts fine.

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How do you make a 2002 Ford Mustang as loud as possible?

Slp mufflers (if you could call them that) are what you need. If you want your exhaust to really sound tuned, add some long tubed headers, with an x or h pipe also. Go to You Tube and listen to Mustang Slp, or Mustang Flowmasters and you can get an idea of what setup to run.

Why does your 2001 mustang make a whining sound when driving and changing gear sort of like when the power steering fluid is low but it's not?

Transmission is low of lube.

Do they make mustang limos?

no they don't...

Did ford make turbo engines for mustang GT?

No , not for a Mustang GT which has a V8 engine There were four cylinder Mustang engines that had a turbo version available

What make a car totaled?

a ford mustang

Why does a 1991 Ford Expolorer make a whirring or spaceship like sound from the area of the idler pulley during idling and acceleration even though the idler pulley has been replaced?

you have another pulley and that the tensioner pulley and it is spring loaded and it keeps the belts and pulleys tighten .If its bad it will cause that sound

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Why do you make a sound? Why do you make a sound?

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ford mustang

Did mustang make a mach 1 coupe?


What make is mustang?

FO.MO.CO.! Ford Motor Company

When did john pauldo make a mustang?

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Do they still make the Mustang Cobra?

As far as I can tell , the last model year for the Ford Mustang " Cobra " version was ( 2004 )