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You cannot get your furry friend to walk unless you are in your home,other players homes, or the gym for the bearville school.

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2011-12-27 20:43:18
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Q: How do you make your Furry friend walk in Bearville?
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How do you make your furry friend brush their teeth on Build-a-bearville?

if you have a sink in any room you click on your furry friend and click on the icon that has a brush and bubbles on it and it will walk to the sink and brush. p.s you must be in the room that has the sink in . hope this helped you .

How do you make your bear walk in Build-a-Bearville?

You get a virtual pet and it can walk

How do you get your furry friend to walk around on build a bear ville?

you can't. unless it's at your condo.

How do you walk on te walls in Build-a-Bearville?

You don't do you bring your furry friend to life?

you go to buildabearville go to log in and on the right it will have a not registered yet and you click it then chloe will walk you through it all

How do you let your bear walk around with you in Bearville?

you have to kill it first, then leave his spirit to walk around with you

I dont know how to make the puffle happy?

Feed, walk and play with your puffle. If you are a member you can buy furniture in the petshop, this will make your furry friend Evan happier. However, not to worry if you are not a member, you can just click the icons on your puffles player card. I hope that helped!

How do you get people to go to the coffee shop at

If you go on the chat log go on commands and click follow me then walk into the coffee shop then your done from youre friend crystalcuddles1236 (bearville user)

Where are the Build-a-Bearville nature walk items?

i am affaid to tell you but every time you do this it will be different

Are all the Build-a-Bearville nature walk items outside?


Where can you get a certificate on Build-a-Bearville?

you can complete a grade from bear univercity or complete a nature walk

Why do polar bears have wide furry feet?

polar bears have wide furry feet so that they can balance their weight evenly when they walk on floating or thin ice.

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