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chest exercises such as bench presses are capable of lifting the upper body, particularly the breasts, as the skin is raised by the developing muscle underneath thereby creating greater tension.

this would be the least drastic solution with results - the mammary is a tissue incapable of expansion and contraction through exercise and thus unable to become taut itself. of prime concern for you would be tighting the skin (through isolated muscle techniques, sometimes referred to as 'toning' exercises), or further reduction of excess fat, through general techniques including proper dieting, and elementary exercise (running, skippping, etc - non-specific in terms of muscle). i mention this for whilst chest development will aid you towards your goal, the muscles built will be precisely those of your chest, and thus excessive exercise of this manner ensures a strong, and eventually visible chest muscle, without an equal breast firmness (e.g. see female muscle-building competetitions).

If a significant amount of weight has been lost (through appropriate means, excluding limb removal), skin which has been stretched will "sag" and form parts of the body which can be mistaken for further fat. In such a situation, chest development will aid but to a limited extent dependent on the degree of sagging. The skin is difficult to tighten through any means but muscle development however, and thus perhaps coupling chest-specific exercises with those which will strengthen your sides, such as standing straight, lifting your left arm, and attempting to reach as far down your leg with your right hand as possible, shifting your body to the right - without bending your legs. (shifting your body to the right as in, not reaching forward as you would when trying to touch your toes). Repeat in reverse for your left side. I am writing this on memory, but doing so should gradually tighten the muscles near your shoulder blades/armpits, which will to a degree operate to tighten your chest.

Chest exercises I can recommend beyond bench presses are the standard push-up. Either fully outstretched on the ground, or, on your knees, pushing up in this position (reduces the weight being borne by your arms, and thus is a easier method of intially approaching push ups), or standing and completing push-ups against the wall.

Do note however, muscle development will only work to a certain level. It will improve your physique, but as there is no direct way by which the skin or breast itself can be 'developed' at an adult age, using musles to tend either towards a greater firmness is limited. Eat properly too to help, and remember that plastic, or "corrective" surgery can artifically resolve physical issues, but does not resolve the psychological issues which would provoke one to undergo such drastic efforts :) good luck!

Press-up's perk up your clevrage line!! and also doing the bench press helps. good luck!

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Q: How do you make your breasts firm again after you have lost weight?
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