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It would be lying! You don't have a boyfriend and no one says you have to have one. Not all young women have boyfriends. My niece was 19 and didn't have a boyfriend while her other friends did. At first it bothered her, but she ended up working hard, saving her money and is now traveling Australia with two girlfriends having the time of her life. Now she has a boyfriend! LOL Don't feel embarrassed you don't have a boyfriend. It's normal! Some girls will go with just any guy to say she has a boyfriend, but you should never be afraid to stand strong and wait for that special young man to come along (and he will.)

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How to get a boyfriend on Poptropica without asking?

I think the only way to get a boyfriend on poptropica is to make friends with the avater and meat the guy that play's him and tell him to be your boyfriend on poptropica.Melody

How do you confront your boyfriend when you find out he is lying to you?

I think that really depends on what he is lying about, directly and in person is usually the best option.

How do you describe your boyfriend to your friends?

Exactly how you think of him

What are the reasons why girls ignore there guy friends when they have a boyfriend?

Because her boyfriend will think she is cheating on him and will dump her

Is it right to be friends with your ex boyfriend?

i think it depends on if you had sex with them. if you did then i don't think it is possible to be friends with them. it's too hard to.

What if your boyfriend told all his friends that he didnt like you but he really did?

Well, his friends probably think your uncool and if he's your boyfriend, you should talk with him. It doesn't matter what they think, it matters what he thinks.

I think my friends boyfriend is flirting with me he keeps making eye contact casual touch and he told me you have beautiful eyes is my friends boyfriend flirting with me?

The answer to your question is correct . Your Furture boyfriend is there to await you.

What should you do if you think you are starting to like your friends boyfriend?

If you are starting to like your friends boyfriend then I would recommend not trying to get into any relationship with his/her boyfriend you might be rejected and either way you will more than likely loose your friends relationship.

What happens when your boyfriend does not like your friends?

Well, usually your boyfriend might not want to hang around your friends and if they're near you, he might not want to hang around you that much. If he absolutely hates your friends then he might avoid spending any time with you altogether. Stop and think, are your friends true friends, or is your boyfriend not a very good boyfriend? :0)

How do you introduce your boyfriend to your friends?

You say "Hay guys this is my boyfriend ______." If you don't think they'll react well. Tell them you have a boyfriend before you introduce him.

What to think when your boyfriend is excited at first about spending time with you but when the time comes he makes an excuse to not to?

He either was lying or is scared.

What to do if your friends fall out with your boyfriend?

If your friends are warning you that your boyfriend is not a nice guy and you should break up with him then they are seeing the reality of his character and love has blinded you so it would be a good idea to listen to your friends. If your friends just think he does not fit in with their crowd and your boyfriend is a nice guy, then your friends are not your true friends and you should remain loyal to your boyfriend. Be wise, take a second look at your boyfriend and consider what your friends are saying about him if they don't feel he treats you well.

How can you make you friends think you have a boyfriend when you don't?

You could lie. But lying just hurts people. If I were you I would just be honest with the fact that you're single. Trust me, it's not that bad. I'm single myself, and although I wish I had a boyfriend I'm fine with it. I enjoy not being tied down.

How can you tell if YOUR boyfriend is lying to YOU about wanting to have children?

Answer What makes you think that he's lying about such a delicate subject. If you have doubts tell him that you aren't willing to have children if you aren't married and see what he says to that.

Can you tell a trusted friend about a likeness to another friends boyfriend?

Absolutely! (This is what I think!)

What do you do when you like your friends boyfriend and you think he likes you?

tell him to stop being a brat

Is it lieing or lying?

I think that it is lying. I used to think that it was lieing, but then my mother told me that it was lying.

What do you do when your best friends and your boyfriend dont get along?

well i think that if your friends dont like him he must not be good for you!!!!friends are way more important then boy friends!!!!

What do guys think when their chick friends hug them?

when there Chick friends hug them they would give u a hug next if not i think u need a new boyfriend

What do you do if your friends don't like your boyfriend?

If you're friends don't like you're boyfriend try to think of it from their perspective. If they don't have boyfriends themselves, they may still want to be good friends with you. Maybe your are spending to much time with your boyfriend and are leaving your friends in the dust. Talk to you friends or boyfriend to explain the situation. If both of them like you for you, they will understand. If not you need to see which one is more important. Good luck!

How can you accept your boyfriend and his son from previous live in partner?

Um i think you have to make them good friends to do that if not then try best friends!!! :)

How could you stop thinking that your boyfriend is cheating on you?

have some fun with your friends.. yes, its not easy.. but in just a little time, you could not think of your boyfriend because you had fun laughing and chatting with your friends..

What do when im bored?

-make a yahoo sight and text your friends off of it ( but pretent your some1 else -text -think bout how you would live without my girlfriend or boyfriend. -then think how you could live without them -sleep -tv find a new crush -be awsome like me

My boyfriend think he is lying due to when i ask him questions he starts to get loud and very angree at me what i'am i to do?

Kiss Him Through The Phone Or Call him to do it

What does it mean when you dream that friends get close to your boyfriend in a intimate way?

It means that you are jealous of your friends.. That they won't try to get your boyfriend. It's just jealousy, no need to worry, except you think you are certain that your so called friend is trying something with your boyfriend.