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ok bro this is what you do. 1. turn the comp off 2. keep tapping f8 until a new screen comes up 3. you will see a safe mode option. highlight it and press enter 4. there will be an account called Administrator 5. it wont have a pass 6. go to the control panel 7. change account. Actually, I tried this and the user account, Administrtor did have a password You can also create a new account:

1. At startup hold Command S

2. Type mount -uw

3. Type rm /var/db/.Applesetupdone

4. Type reboot

It will come up with the welcome stuff, fill out registration and your admin account will be created. You can change your old account from Limited to Admin, or keep the new one. Password protect the one and probably back up the user from Macintosh HD/Users/Your account to a USB so you can get it back if your evil sister changes it. Mine tried that too!

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Why won't Windows XP change an administrator to limited?

Windows XP will not change an administrator account to limited if it is the only administrator account on the system (other than the account named Administrator).

Is it possible for an limited account upgrade to an administrator account WITHOUT the help of another administrator?

Yes, it is possible on windows XP home for a limited account to gain System privileges. (above administrator) Go to Start > Run Type in "cmd" with out the quotes and press enter. Now type in "at" again with out the quotes. If it responds with an

How do you change a limited account into an administrator on Windows XP?

Windows XP comes with two types of user accounts; normal user and the administrator. Changing a limited user to an administrator needs the administrator account password and then selecting the option from the User Control Panel.

How do you enable the Administrator account?

There is no need to enable the administrator account as it is always enable (bundled in the operating system). Hence, a user may be given limited access rights by the person accountable to keep the administrator account.

What is the difference between limited account and administrator account?

Difference between Admin and Limited User Accounts Windows XP: Limited accounts are limited compared to Admin Admin account gives you access to more things on your computer

How can you find out the administrator password in Windows XP from a limited account without changing anything?

The administrator is hidden. Select My Computer, Manage, Local Users & Groups, click on Group, then Administrator, add your account name and there it is.

How do you get rid of administrator of a computer with windows vista?

The built-in Administrator account CANNOT be deleted. The standard security practice is to rename the built-in Administrator account, set a strong password on it, and create another accounts with limited privileges set, for regular use, reserving the Administrator account as a back-up in case something where to happen to your regular account. If this administrator account is one you made yourself you can delete it. 1) Open the control panel and select the user account option. 2) Select the account you wish to delete then choose the "Delete Account". 3) Then if you wish choose the "Delete all files" option.

How do you change from limited account to administrator account?

Go to the Start menu > Control panel > User Accounts > Change an account > Choose the account you wish to change > Change account type. This is of course if you're on the administrator account, otherwise you can't make any altercations to this.

How do you get all the accounts on control pannel on the user's side?

I believe that your question relates to how to change other user's accounts from a single account. This is possible, without hacking, by labeling the account as an "Administrator." It sounds like the account you currently have is a "Limited" account, in which you are obviously limited to some things, such as changing other users account information. An previous "Administrator" can use Control Panel to change your account status.

How can an administrator disable another user to enter into in regedit in xp?

If you limit the user's access privileges by changing their account to a "Limited" status, that might work.I'm not 100% sure...

How can you change to administrator from your name?

assuming that you are working from a computer with windows as the operating system: click on start, then on control panel then on user accounts from there you can change the user accounts click on change an account then choose the account you would like to change then change my account type then you have the choice of either computer administrator or a limited account if another user is already registered as computer administrator, this could be tricky. this would then require asking them to shed their responsibilities onto you. to do this they just need to follow the same procedure as above. NOTE: only the computer administrator can change the account types!

Create a user account with Limited privileges Log on using this account Can you view the contents of the My Documents folder for an account with Administrator privileges?

no you cannot access my document folder

How do you connect to internet with a laptop to a school connection that is protected by a proxy with a limited account?

connect it

Can an administrator or the executor of an Estate sign on a Limited Liability Corporation if the deceased person was the only signer on the account?

Once they have their letter of authority, they should be able to access the account. Then they can change the account.

Which user group has more rights power user or administrator?

Administrator has more rights; Power users account can read from and write to parts of the system other than their own local drive, install applications and perform limited administrative tasks.Administrator account can install and uninstall devices and applications and can perform all administrative tasks. When windows 2000/XP is first installed one user account is created in this group and the account is called the Administrator

How do you remove admin restrictions on a vista laptop?

you will need access to an administrator account to remove the restrictions it has put in place to limited users.

How do you make your limited into an administrator account Evil sister has passprotected account as administrator need to install things and need her password wont let me get the pass Need help?

Ask your sister to install things for you.It sounds like there is a reason you don't have admin access.......

How do i create limited user account which can't modify administrator files?

Start->Control Panel->User Accounts->Create a new account->Create a new account->Enter a name for the new account->Pick an account type->Limited. Also you can put permissions for folders which allow only certain accounts to read, write, see, change the content.

Create a limited user account and add it to the group of backup operators log on as backup operator can you view the content of the my document folder for an account with administrator privileges?

You have make your documents private. It should be somewhere in the account settings.

I am trying to install sims 2 apartmet life but whenever it gets to a certain point of the installation it says you do not have administrator privileges to install this game How do i make it work?

If there is another account on the computer that means that your side has been blocked because your account on the computer is limited, It will only let you do certain things. You need to talk to the person who is the administrator on the computer to install it for you. (If it is a school or library computer they will not allow you no matter what you do)

Should you make yourself the administrator of your computer?

It is necessary for you to be the administrator of your PC or else you will not be able to install specific programs or change settings. Only create a limited account for other users who constantly change the settings of the PC

Can You only install software if you have administrator privilages?

No When you go to install a program on a limited account it comes up with a menu and you choose to install it over the admin

How do you create another user on your computer?

ANSWERIt depends on what you are using, but if it is windows then you need to follow these steps:1) Start menu, Control Panel2) user/user accounts or users, double click3) you should see change account or create account.4) (create new account) Add name for new account5) select the option you want between administrator or limited.ANSWERIn Window Vista: You can create another user or account on your computer by following these steps: In the , go to . Then, click the icon , you will notice that there are several options. For this purpose, click , then, click . You can now create an account, by typing the new user's name under the new account name box and then, tick the appropriate privilege (standard or administrator) for that user.

is my account limited to local calls?

is my account limited to local calls

How do you get pass windows limited account control?

pres f8 and f11 on start up...a secret account will come up...creat a new account as administrator...restart account will be what you need...but delete the account so your parents or whatever wont know...if they take it to a profesional computer dealer or specialist they can still find out

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