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You can't. The laws have been changed to prevent this from happening.

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Q: How do you marry a girl who is here in the states on a fiance visa with someone else?
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Can you enter to US with fiance visa but marry with someone else?


If you are in the US on a fiancee visa and your fiance decides not to marry you can you marry someone else before your VISA expires?

No. You have to go out and start over.

If someone has a fiance visa but chooses not to marry her fiance what is the possibility for her to marry someone else before the 90 days are up and can she marry with the current visa?

You took an oath that you are free and that you will marry him/her. It is a conditional visa. You brake the law if you do and really is fraud. Go back, do not get married and wait for your new love to call you back....

You separated from your husband six years ago can you marry someone-else?

AnswerUntil you are legally divorced you cannot legally marry someone else.

Can you get married to someone if you have a domestic partnership with someone else?

If you are just living with someone (common law) and you want to marry someone else then you can legally marry the other person.

If you have a domestic partnership can you marry someone else?

Generally, yes. Domestic partnership is not a bar to marriage in most states.

Can you be married in customary rights and still marry someone else without getting divorced from my first wife?

If you live in a Western country such as the United States or Canada, no, you cannot marry someone else without getting a divorce and it bigamy is breaking the law.

If a man is already married in the United States can he marry someone else in Toronto Canada?

No. (Well, he could, but it would be illegal.)

Can I marry someone in a different state if im already married to someone else?


What do you do when the guy you love is about to marry someone else?

You leave him alone to allow his marriage to work. If he's about to marry someone else, he doesn't love you and you need to move on. Stop thinking about him and find someone new.

Can a married Filipino citizen marry someone else abroad?


Why did Zeus ate his wife?

cause he wanted to marry someone else

Who did Adam and Eves kids marry?

They had to marry their siblings. Because they were the first people on the earth, they couldn't marry someone else because there was nobody.

Did Marco polo's father marry someone else after Marco's mother died?

No, Marco's father did NOT re-marry.

Can you marry someone else even if your domestic partnership has not been dissolved?

Generally yes. The existence of a domestic partnership is not a bar to marriage to someone else. The only exceptions are domestic partnerships formed in states such as California, where statewide domestic partnerships are substantially equivalent to marriage and are accepted as legal marriages in some jurisdictions. If your state recognizes your domestic partnership as a marriage, then you may not marry someone else until you have dissolved your domestic partnership.

Can you collect ex husband SS if marry to someone else?

sounds like someone is a gold digger

Did Anne Boleyn marry someone else before Henry VIII?


What you did when your girl friend going to marry with someone else?

you have to be happy with your girlfriend's happiness....

Why didn't Harry Potter marry Luna Lovegood?

He loved someone else.

Can you marry your deceased wife's sister?

Yes, provided that she is not married to someone else.

Can you marry someone else first then file for your divorce from your first wife?

No, not in the United States or all other Western countries. You can only be married to one person at a time. You must obtain a divorce before you remarry or your second marriage would be invalid. When you knowingly marry while still married to someone else you commit bigamy which is illegal.

When Odysseus was away did Penelope marry anyone else?

no, but she did want to marry someone to be king of ithika and to be a daddy to telemakos hope this help :]

My boyfriend wants to marry me and he pay child support what should I do?

Pays it to you or someone else?

Who did Sade marry?

A film-director. She also divorced. She is now with someone else, but not married.

What should you do if you love someone and is engaged to aomeone else and you do not love him?

Tell your fiance that your really sorry, but he is not the right guy for you. Call off the wedding.