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How do you motivate more Americans to vote especially lower class citizens?

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2007-05-21 09:32:49

NEVER use the word "lower class citizen" because people that are

poor are still intelligent and still have the right to vote. You

haven't been paying attention to voting in your country. The blacks

in certain areas of the States were highly discouraged from voting

(there are a great deal of blacks in the U.S. as you know) in the

last election and wanted to vote but certain people hired by

certain running mates for voting burned churches, some were

threatened, yet these people believe in their country (and it is

their country too) and got their own bus and went in and voted!!!

In the U.S. and Canada most citizens (with the exception of the

very rich or corporations) feel that their vote will get them

nowhere and that it's a joke! They don't trust politicians and who

could blame them. You get one mess out of the government and end up

with another one. Some people in the U.S. and Canada become

apathetic and that's the worse thing they can do. Don't like who

your president is or someone else you are voting for then GET OUT

AND VOTE! Sometimes you simply have to pick the lesser of two

evils. I vote every single year, but have little faith in most

governments that get in (most of which I didn't vote for.) It's a

great thing that we have the freedom to vote because many countries

don't so start talking to people and get them out there voting.

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