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Q: How do you mute a landline phone?
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Does a landline phone need a phone jack to work?

Yes. otherwise it would not be a landline phone.

where can i apply for a landline phone?

where can i appy for a landline phone in johnson city tn

Landline Phone Service?

form_title= Landline Phone Service form_header= Stay in touch with your loved ones when you add a phone service. Do you have internet service?*= () Yes () No Why do you want a landline phone?*= () Yes () No Do you have cell phones?*= () Yes () No When do you want the phone line installed?*= _ [50]

I am looking for a home phone landline are there any available?

I am looking for landline phone are there any available? how do I sign up for a landline service with the government?

Why should I have a landline phone service is I have a cell phone?

A landline phone could be used for when your cell phone signal goes out and for emergencies in the household.

What is a landline number?

a home phone is a landline so a landilne number would be a home phone number

Where can I compare affordable landline phone services?

Verizon offers great deals on landline phone service.

Why is my cell phone stuck on mute?

could be a dirty or defective earphone jack. sometimes when you plug it in, it will mute your phone.

Where can I go to find affordable landline phone service?

Verizon offers great deals on landline phone service.

Landline Phone Installation?

form_title=Install a Landline Phone form_header=Have a landline phone installed in your home or business. Is this for a residence or business?= () Residence () Business Do you need long distance?= () Yes () No Do you need phone jacks installed?= () Yes () No

How do you mute a cordless phone?

unplug it

What is an affordable landline phone service in Duluth, MN?

Verizon offers great deals on landline phone service in your area.

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