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How do you naturally get rid of tummy flab that is the result of stretched skin after having a baby?


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2016-02-11 10:33:40
2016-02-11 10:33:40

After my delivery I use to drink warm water with lemon and honey. And it really works for me. I usually drink twice a day :)


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your tummy has stretched to that size. so if you dont eat at all for a while, it will shrink back a bit

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No. Eventually it will be too hard so it will too uncomfortable. The solution comes naturally.

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I get pain in the left side of my lower tummy now

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Yes. patricia heaton has a navel,it is hard to see and because of her having four c-sections and then having a tummy tuck. when you have a tummy tuck you have the option of keeping a navel or not and if so it will be somewhat covered.

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