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You would need to obtain a surety bond. The amount of cash or security needed would depend upon the amount of the bond.

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Q: How do you obtain commercial auto insurance if you are trying to start a rental car company with one car?
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What are the insurance policies that Farmer's Insurance company offers?

Homeowners, Rental Property, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, Personal Auto, Life, Umbrella.

What company offers apartment rental insurance?

A person looking for renter's insurance can usually obtain is from any insurance company that deals with real estate. They can usually be found in any local yellow pages.

If you are having engine trouble can you get a rental car?

You can obtain a rental car anytime you wish. Whether insurance or the repair company will pay for it will depend on their policies and coverage.

What commercial marine insurance is offered at global marine insurance?

The company offers the following types of Commercial Marine Insurance: Boat Rental Insurance, Boat Club Insurance, Charter Fleet Insurance and Passenger Boat insurance which includes tours, excursions and ferry.

How much does car rental insurance cost in the USA if a person does not have American car insurance?

Buying rental car insurance from a rental car company with vary from company to company, expect about $15-$25/day.

How do you get commercial insurance for an RV rental company?

You need an Independent Insurance Agent - Visit the website of the Trusted Choice for someone in your area or visit

Do I have to have my own insurance for jet ski rental or is it offered by the rental agency?

In nearly every case, the company providing a vehicle for rental is required by law to maintain a minimum liability policy of insurance. However, leasing or rental for commercial purposes sometimes require your own insurance depending on details and your state.

Do I need liability insurance for a rental car in Florida?

You are not required to purchase insurance from a rental car company. However you are required by law to have insurance. If you have your own insurance call your insurance company and ask what they cover for rental cars, then once you get to the rental car company ask them what their insurance covers, then use which ever one you feel is best for you. If you do not have personal insurance, I would definitely take out the rental cars insurance.

Do all rentals come with insurance?

If rentals means rental cars, then no. Rental car insurance is optional, however many insurance policies can include rental insurance, so purchasing it from the rental company can be pointless in some cases.

What cheaper Non Owner insurance of the insurance at a car rental store?

Non Owners auto insurance does not cover rental cars at all. You will need to buy insurance from the rental car company to be covered.

Do I need insurance for a Bus Rental ?

The company you are renting the bus from should have the insurance. You do not need to purchase insurance from a separate company.

What if your rental car was stolen and you have no insurance by your credit card neither from rental company - What are the consequences Will you have to pay another car If yes if you refuse to?

You are fully responsible for any loss or damage to a rental car. If you do not have insurance to cover this or have not purchased insurance from the car rental company, they will go after you for the full cost of the rental vehicle.

What states has car insurance for rental cars?

You can buy insurance from any rental car company in every state. Car insurance companies do not sell special insurance just for rental cars but most policies cover you when you are driving a rental car.

Can you get insurance for rental car and you don't own a car?

Loaded Question! 1st The rental company will force you to have Insurance or buy theirs. 2nd Check with your credit card company, mine covers rental car Collision and Comprehensive if the rental is paid with the credit card. You may be able to buy insurance through your home policy, But this depends on where you live and what insurance company.

Can you purchase a cdw for a rental from an insurance comany not the rental agent?

No, you can not purchase CDW fro a rental from an insurance company. It has to be purchased through the rental agent. CDW stands for collision damage waiver.

Is landlord insurance a reliable insurance company?

Landlord insurance is not an insurance company. It is a type of insurance that covers a owner of a rental property from damages that may occur to their property.

Where can one find a car company insurance rental?

Most private car insurance companies cover the rental vehicle during the time the rental is utilized by you. You can call your insurance agency to make sure.

Where can you purchase rental car insurance?

The best place to purchase car insurance for rental cars it at the rental car company that you rent the car from. They will always give you an option to buy car insurance if you want to.

Auto insurance business plan?

Your company needs commercial auto insurance if there are any vehicles being driven for business purposes. This includes rental vehicles, employees using their vehicles, or vehicles the company owns. Normal commercial auto insurance limits are $1,000,000 per occurence covering both bodily injury and property damage. (BI/PD). Physical damage coverage, towing, and rental car coverage can also be added. Commercial auto insurance only costs slightly more than personal auto insurance and is a good investment to help you protect your company if any vehicles are used in the course of your operations.

Where can you get electric car rental business insurance in Florida?

MBA Insurance company has insurance for electric cars.

Is an at fault party's insurance company responsible for paying insurance charges for a rental in addition to the rental fee?

No, they do not have to insure your rented vehicle. You have too.

What type of insurance do you need to run a car van rental business?

You will need two types of insurance. Commercial for hire vehicle insurance that covers the your vehicles while on the road. Since this type of vehicle insurance can easily cost more than 10 thousand dollars per year per vehicle, most rental car companies are self insured. The other Is Commercial general liability insurance for your company. Happy Motoring

What company has new york state insurance code 997?

Avis Rental car insurance

What insurance agencies are willing to provide commercial auto insurance quotes to a rental car agency to be used as optional-coverage insurance to rental car customers?

There are several commercial auto insurance companies that provide insurance to businesses that run a car rental service. These are a few major insurance companies that give free quotes which are Geico, The General, and Progressive. However depending on where your business is located these agencies may not be suitable for you.

Does my normal auto insurance apply to cargo van rentals?

Generally, your automobile insurance should cover your moving cargo van rental. However, you can also confirm with your insurance company as well as consider purchasing insurance coverage offered by the van rental company.