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Are you sure it's not the switch. But I have taken off lots of Mercedes door panels. There should be a couple of panels that need to be popped off first to access some screws. One is behind the airbag piece depending on the year. Then there are a couple behind the door handle trim. Also remove the upper trim panel first.

For a detailed explantion with pictures visit the web page in the related links.

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Q: How do you open a door panel on a E320 to repair a window that is neither going up or down?
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I have a window that is original to my house and the brand is nowhere on the window. A glass panel broke. Since I don't know the manufacturer, who should I contact to repair it?

How do you repair a power window on a 2000 Toyota Camry?

Remove the inside door window panel. Make sure the window is on the window track. Make sure the window linkage is not needing repair. Replace the window motor.

How do you repair a car window that is off track?

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How do you repair driver side window when it has fallen off the track on 1998 expedition?

Take door panel off. and put window back on track.

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To repair the power window on the 1998 Old Intrigue, you will first need to remove the interior door panel to access the window motor, switch, and actuator. You can then determine which part is broken or damaged and replace that part.

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Remove the inside door panel. The entire power window mechanism will be visible. Put the window back onto the window track.

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To repair a stuck driver-side manual window, use a screwdriver to remove the screws attached to the door panel. Pull the door handle away from the door and lower the window regulator to the lowest possible position.

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