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How do you open a fiesta bonnet if it wont open from under the steering wheel?

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If by "bonnet" you mean the Hood then your hood release cable may broken and needs replaced. You will have to try and locate the end that located under the hood and then release it from there. Be aware you may have to remove the grill to get at it.

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if by ' hood' you mean bonnet, then I am having the same problem - I can't even find the release lever!

If by "hood" you mean bonnet if its the mk3 if you put your hand up behind your bonnet behind the Ford badge you can feel the catch that keeps it shut. On the top of that you should be able to feel where the bonnet catches on, just pull the catch over and it should pop up, Might be a bit difficult by hand but you should be able to do it.

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How do you open bonnet of 1999 Ford Fiesta?

the bonnet lever is under the steering wheel it should have a red handle

Where do you find a handle to open the bonnet in 1994 Ford Fiesta?

Below the steering wheel.

How do you open transit bonnet?

Under steering wheel right hnd side

Where is the bonnet release catch on a Fiat Ducato van?

to the left under the steering wheel

Where is the relay in a Vauxhall sintra?

there are some under bonnet some under steering wheel wich one u after

Where is the bonnet release catch on a 1994 cavalier?

Its under the steering wheel about a foot towards the pedals.

Where do you find a handle to open the bonnet in 1996 Ford Fiesta?

under the steering wheel column there is a red handle that gives every impression it's going to be a steering wheel height adjustment, but it isn't, it's the bonnet release. Took us some finding too I've never taken longer to find a bonnet release in my life!this covers the 1995 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 and 2002 ford fiesta as well (just making it easier for google to find there)

Where is diagnostic plug on Volvo s80?

It's to the right of the bonnet leaver under the steering wheel it's under the cover

How do you open the bonnet on a VW Passat?

AnswerVW often puts the hood/bonnet release in the glove box or under it. Sometimes you will find it on the drivers side under the dash/steering wheel.

Where is the Vauxhall movano fuse box?

its under the steering wheel under the plastic cover and also there is one behind the battery under the bonnet on the nearside.

How do you open the bonnet on a Ford Escort?

Bonnet release on escorts is usually on the underside if the steering column, below the steering wheel. The bonnet will pop and then you have to do the bonnet release catch around the badge on the front grill.

How do you open the bonnet on your seat leon the under bonnet catch does not release the bonnet?

Release the main bonnet catch on the steering wheel column. Push the bonnet catch in the front grill once and it'll come out half way, then pull the half out catch to open the bonnet.

Where is fuse box on fiesta zetec 2003?

in the steering wheel

Where Citroen c5 where is bonnet catch release?

The release is on under the steering wheel, near the driver's door. Once released, the bonnet catch is to the right of the center, just above the grille. Slide it to the right to pop the bonnet.

How do I remove a 1997 Ford Fiesta steering wheel?

Yank it off

How do you remove the air bag from a steering wheel on a Ford Fiesta?

Depends. if you want the Ford steering wheel, Try going to a wrecker and getting a Ford Steering Wheel with out an airbag or you could go to a Auto store and buy a sports style steering wheel

Where is the bonnet release on 2001 Ford Escort?

It's the big red lever under the steering wheel. Once you pull that down, the bonnet will 'pop up'. Then, in the gap inbettween the bonnet and the grill, hold up the metal bit you can see connected to the lock in the middle and lift up the bonnet.

What is the lever under the steering wheel on your Saturn?

Its to adjust the angle of the steering wheel

Where is horn on s reg Ford Fiesta?

Hi, mine is in the middle of the steering wheel.

What does pulling knob do under steering wheel of 1987 year Honda Accord?

The knob under the steering wheel of the 1987 Honda Accord adjusts the height of the steering wheel. The knob will allow the steering wheel to move up or down.

Where is fuse 48 aux fan 1997 318i?

Under the steering wheel, you need to remove the panel under steering wheel.

Fuse box on a fiat punto ELX cabriolet?

large fuses under bonnet near battery, the rest ( on rhd ) are behind panel/shelf to right of steering wheel.

How do you tell if you have 2 wheel steering or 4 wheel steering in a 92 240sx?

Only the fastback had the optional 4 wheel steering. Look under the rear of the car. If you have 4 wheel steering, you will readily see the steering system.

Where is the kia pregio wheel jack?

Under the little front bonnet.

How do you change the steering wheel?

Take the nut of the steering wheel under the horn and use a puller to get it off

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