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How do you open a locked 1997 Avalon car door or slim Jim it?


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2011-09-13 05:45:46
2011-09-13 05:45:46

I locked my keys in my trunk and called a wrecker who had a slim Jim. The problem is that the car is designed to "relock" almost immediately after the slim Jim opened the lock. If you are using the slim Jim at the driver's side, someone on the passenger side has to be quick to open the handle before the lock relocks. It took us many tries before we got it. My problem was that I thought I could use the button in the glove box to open the trunk. But good old Toyota made it so that is disabled if you get into the car by some other manner other than the key or remote. I ended up having to go to a local dealer and getting them to cut me new key.


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Not if the door was locked.Not if the door was locked.

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The gas door is locked or unlocked with the other doors on the car. If the car doors are locked the gas door will not open. If the car is stopped with engine off and the doors unlocked you should be able to open the gas door by pushing on one side of it. If this doesn't work, you have an electrical or mechanical problem with the gas door.

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You just push on it to open it. If the car is locked, the gas door will be locked also. The car needs to be unlocked in order to open the gas filler door.

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