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need pictures.

First remove the front grill assembly (usally six screws). You will be able to see underneath the hood latch. Get an old wire coat hanger and bend a hook in one end, work this underneath the latch until you grab the latch and pull sideways (to the right) until the latch pops. You may have to do this several times but it will work. I had to do it on my 94 Buick. Go to a junkyard and pick up a used cable assembly and install it. Good luck. .

I used the same coathanger to open the hood instead of running a new cable . I hook it up to the connector on the hood latch , ran it out thru the grill and place a small handle on the coat hanger and it opens right up. boy am i cheap

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Q: How do you open the hood and repair a broken wire connection to a locked hood latch on a 1991 Buick Century?
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