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New HeadlineI had the same problem on my 1994 Buick Century. It was the result of inadequate battery maintenance. My battery leaked and destroyed the sheathing on the hood release cable (which ran along side the battery tray). This damage added slack in the cable causing it to no longer relase the hood latch. I was able to disconnect the cable from release lever inside the passenger compartment and pull on the cable end with a vice grip enough so that the latch disengaged. This technique may help you before you have to resort to paying someone for help. Good luck.

Hey Meyou==TAke it to the body shop. They have to do it a lot when the cars are wrecked. There is about no way to prevent this. GoodluckJoe

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Q: How do you open the hood of a 1995 Buick Regal if the latch is stuck and the cable does not work?
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How do you get a key stuck in the ignition out in a 2000 buick regal ls?

There is an access cover just under the ignition cylinder. Remove this to remove the stuck key.

How to fix a trunk latch stuck open The gas cap door latch is also stuck open?

To fix a trunk latch that is stuck open, the teeth on the lock may have to be adjusted so the trunk will close. It is also possible that the cable for the trunk latch is broken. To fix the gas cap door latch may require a little bending and adjusting with a pair of pliers.

What causes a battery to drain in a 1984 Buick regal?

Dead cell in battery, a light is on somewhere on the vehicle, or a relay is stuck.

How do you fix a hood latch on a 2003 VW Jetta that is stuck shut and the release lever doesn't work and you can hear the cable move when you use it but no unlatching action?

To fix a hood latch on a 2003 VW Jetta that is stuck shut, the car should be put up on a hoist. A long pole will be needed to then trip the hood latch. Then the cable can be repaired and the car lowered.

Fix fuel level float buick regal?

Remove the float from the Regal. inspect the float for leaks, then check the spring and needle valve as it could be stuck. If all parts are ok then the parts need cleaning as they are sticking.

How do you open the armrest with a broken latch in a 1998 Buick Lesabre?

Jam a screwdriver in horizontally at the latch until it wont go in anymore, then lift up the screwdriver and push it down while lifting up on the armrest. These armrests are junk, and it will break of completely. My advice: empty your belongings out of it and leave the stuck latch stuck with the arm rest permanently closed.

Your 1999 ford explorer hood wont open?

the hood latch is not releasing this could be due to a stuck/broken hood latch or something wrong with the release mechanism (broken/stuck cable, handle came off of cable, etc...) use screwdriver(s) through your grille to pull the lever that would be pulled from the cable. best thing to do is get a new hood latch from local parts store and look at it to figure out how it works so you know just what to press/pull/activate on the car -R. Mesyef

Door latch stuck?

Unscrew the latch. or put oil on the hinges for the latch to move and see if you can move it.

Stuck parking brake on rt rear tire 1993 buick park ave?

A stuck parking brake could be caused by several things. The brake cable that operates that brake could be stuck, or the mechanism could be stuck at the wheel. The wheel will need to be removed and the cable and emergency brake arms will have to be checked.

My 1994 s10 truck hood latch stuck or jammed?

You can get your 1994 Chevy S 10 pickup truck hood latch unstuck by spraying a lubricant on the latching mechanism. You can also remove the hood latch retaining bolts to bypass the stock release cable.

When I put in ECM fuse fuel pump wont shut off in 1994 Buick Regal 3.8l?

Stuck/faulty fuel pump relay or possibly a faulty ECM.

How can you open the hood on a '93 Honda Prelude if the cable is stuck?

Not entirely certain about this one but on most cars you can look up from under the front bumper and if you can see the hood latch you should be able to use a screwdriver or a pliers to trip the latch.

How does a 1975 Chevy Corvette latch work?

You put your fingers on the latch and pull down. the latch is stuck closed will not operate auto or manual

What do you do if your key is stuck in the ignition of a994 buick regal. the ignition will not turn to the lock position for me to remove the key?

Well, it sounds like the chip that is in your key may have broke or got stuck on a part of the ignition. I had that problem. This happened not long after I had had to have the ignition replaced?!?

How do you get the hood open on a 1997 explorer when the latch does not work?

If the hood got stuck on my explorer, I would try first lubing up the mechanism with wd-40. If that fails, look for the cable running to the latch from the handle in the cab. Try disconnecting that or pulling the cable manually from the grill. Make sure you pull up on the hood before pushing the lever; sometimes you need to push or pull it. Or just torch the latch...:)

How can you open a stuck hood on 96 Toyota tacoma?

You can open a stuck hood by removing the hood latch. The hood latch can be access through the front grill. Remove the code latch retaining bolts. The hood should be free to open.

How do you get the hood up on a Buick LeSabre when it will not release to the safety catch?

That depends on a few things. If the cable has broken at the release handle, you can use Vice Grips or pliers to grab the end of the cable and pull. If the hood is stuck down you can have a helper pull up on the hood while you work the release in the car. If the cable has broken at the latch consult a pro for help. If you get a helper to hold the the hood release open on the inside and tap lightly, with the side of your fist, on the front of your hood just above the grill. This will usually work if the cable is not broken.

How do you fix a stuck fuel gage on a 2000 buick regal?

Someone other than myself suggested to get a magnet (capable of lifting 50 lbs.) and run it over the gauge in the direction you wnat it to move.

Passenger door latch is stuck closed and the passenger door will not close How can you fix this problem?

you just have to push up on the latch

How do you report in writing when a house door latch is stucked?

"My lock is stuck"?

How do you open a stuck door on a 2000 Kia Sephia?

To open a stuck door on a 2000 Kia Sephia, remove the door panel and check the latch mechanism. It is likely to be bent. Better to replace the latch mechanism.

How do you fix a trunk latch stuck in open position?

When trunks get older, sometimes the latches get stuck. To fix them a person needs to add oil to the latch to loosen up the parts of the lock and turn the key hard.

The power remote trunk latch on your 1994 Park Ave is stuck in the up position The trunk switch button opens the trunk but the latch does not go down How do you troubleshoot this?

you need to go to the buick dealer and buy a new module and replace. it cost me 15.00 for a 92 park ave. easy job 10 min.

Hood won't latch on 2001 civic and how to fix this problem before I get a hood to the face?

1. Adjust hood latch using 3 screws. Hood striker must be aligned with centre of latch striker. 2. Make sure latch isnt stuck due to tight cable. 3. Adjust hood alignment if necessary (after performing adjustment of hood latch). 4. Ensure hood rubber dampers arent too high (hence not allowing engagement of hood striker to latch mechanism). 5. Lubricate latch mechanism. Eyeball it so you know what's cooking. If all else fails, replace the latch (use a screwdriver to mimic the hood engaging with the latch. If it catches, the latch is OK.)

How do i fix a 1994 gmc suburban door latch that's stuck and the door won't shut?

Remove door panel and replace latch mechanism