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How do you open the hood on a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe if your hood latch cable is broken?


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2009-08-17 00:52:51
2009-08-17 00:52:51

Lots of lube and a little weight. I had the problem on my 2001 Santa Fe. I sprayed the latch with both penetrating oil and WD 40. If you look up and from the side of the grill logo, you can see the bar on the hood that the latch hooks onto. Angle the straw up at this site and you can soak where the latch is even if you cannot see it. Wait a time for the lube to soak in. Make sure the cable is pulled from the inside. if it is like mine, it pulled and did not spring back, this is the root of the problem. I turned around and sat on the hood just over the latch. I bounced a few times and on about the third bounce the hood popped up (then I promptly sat back down and closed it again, but it reopened). Once you get it open, lube and clean thoroughly. I removed the plastic cover (five plastic fastiners) and used a cleaner to get the dirty grease out, then lubed it with WD40 and white lithium grease. Work the latch several times to help clean and lube. The trick is to not let it happen again. Make sure you keep this latch and all your door and gate latches cleaned and lubed (the tailgate had the same problem). I now lube them every time I wash my car and more often in winter.


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To repair a hood latch cable on a 2003 Hyundai Elantra, you have to take it to your local mechanic or dealership. The hood latch cable should only be reconnected with an experienced hand. While you can use wrenches and screwdrivers, the latch cable may come loose again.

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The latch is broken, not the cable. You can still get to the cable where it is attached to the latch in the foot-well of the car. Grab the cable with a small vice-grip (or similar) and pull. Note that it is very unlikely the cable will break -the latch typically breaks before the cable since the latch is made from plastic and the cable from steel wire.

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To open a jammed hood on a 2003 Hyundai raise the vehicle's front end. Safely stabilize it and take a flashlight under the car to locate the latch. Use a flat head screwdriver to manipulate the latch and open it.

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