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There's a hood release on the drivers side near the floor by the door. There's a latch under the hood in the middle.

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Where is the oil filter on a 2003 Jeep Liberty?

Open the hood. Filter is on the lower right front

How do you open the hood on a Jeep Liberty 2012?

The hood release lever is located below the instrument panel in front of the driver's side door. Raise the hood, and use the latch to hold the hood up.

Jeep 2005 hood open warning?

I really don't think there is a hood open warning.

What is the name of the stick that is used to keep the jeep hood open?

Hood prop

How do you open the hood in the Jeep Liberty?

Depends what year you have. Mine's an 02. In mine, the hood release is on the driver's side near the floor at the base of the door frame. After you pull that latch you have to release another latch which is actually under the hood itself. On my 02 the second latch is right under the front of the hood just about where the J is on the JEEP logo on the hood.

How do you remove right rear lens from a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

open the back gate on the liberty and there will be nuts there- remove with nut driver or socket and carefully swing out lens- will be sticky so be careful!

What is code P0800 on a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

Trouble code P0800 means: Transfer case control system MIL request - circuit open

How do you open the fuse panel door on a Jeep Liberty?

I just pops out

When was the Statue of Liberty open to the public?

in 2004

Why wont the heater work in your 2004 Jeep liberty?

You have to replace the thermostat it is stuck open. I would say. Do you have heat when you are driving? I Have the same problem and is trying to fine where it is located. It is usually at the top of the of the motor but not on my 2005 jeep.

How do you open 2009 Jeep liberty lift gate?

It's right under the Jeep logo on the lift gate.

Where is the fuse box on a Jeep Liberty 2002?

Open the driver door and look on the side of the dash. You can pull out the panel and get to the fuses there. There are also some fuses under the hood, depends what you fuse you need to get to.

How do you open hood on 2004 intreped with broken cable?

you get the cable fixed then open it

How do you remove a grill from a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

Open the engine hood and you will see 4 screws along the top edge of the grill , unscrew and remove grill , the bottom is held in with taps that fit in slots

You have a 2003 Jeep Liberty and the heater will not get hot?

The thermostat is probably stuck in the open position.

How do you keep jeep grand Cherokee hood open?

It should be self supporting if its a 99+

How do you manually unlock the rear hatch window of a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

You open the back hatch door and pull the panel away from the latch and push down on the lever to the lock the lock will then pop open and you can shut the hatch

How do you get a hood on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee open that has a broken hood release?

pull the screws on the grill, pull the grill, then pop it with a screwdriver

Where is the hood release located on a 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport?

Look for the hood release on the left kick panel below the dash, in front of, and to the left of the driver's seat. Pull back on it, and go to the front of the hood and slide the safety catch to open position while lifting the hood. The hood is supported by hydraulic struts, so no metal support rod is necessary.

Where is the master cylinder on a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

It is directly behind the steering column; when you open the hood, it is in the far back right attached to the firewall. it is about 10 inches in diameter and has a reservoir attached to it, very hard to miss.

Why won't your swing gate open on your Jeep Liberty?

because jeep locks and latches suck. you have to replace them for a small fortune. good luck

How can i fix 2003 Jeep Liberty limited swing door will not open?

Yes, it has one. Is there a question?

How do you open a Jeep Compass hood?

Put your hand facing down and push down on leveler,

How do you fill rear window fluid in jeep wrangler 2013?

Both washers use the same reservoir under the hood. You open the hood and pour it in.

Where is hood latch switch located on 2004 Malibu?

It's part of the latch assembly, when the hood is open you can see it.

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