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Open C drive, open your windows folder, double click on repair folder, right click on file you need, select copy, send copy of file to destination folder. If you can not view files and folders in your windows folder, select "show contents of this folder". Hope that helps

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Q: How do you open the repair folder to extract auto exe file?
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Is a file deleted from a folder when you extract it?

No. A copy remains in compressed form.

Is a file deleted from compressed folder when you extract it?

No. A copy remains in compressed form.

Is a file deleted from a compressed folder when you extract it?

No. A copy remains in compressed form.

How can i make a zip file open in a folder like normal again?

You will need to extract the .ZIP file to the desired location.

How can you repair file and folder permissions on a Mac without having to do it manually?

The Disk Utility application found in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder can scan the disc and repair permissions.

What do you do with a rar file that won't separate if I already have winrar?

right click then choose extract will be a folder then open it

How do you install an addon when the addon isn't on curse?

download the addon. Should be on a zip file. Simply extract the file. place the folder with all the files in your >world of warcraft>interface>addons folder.

How do you select a file from a folder so that you can send the file as an attachment?

When using your email software you should find a button that says something allong the lines of "attach file" or "attach to". Press this button then you should be able to navigate to this folder in question and select the file. If the folder is a "zip" file, you will need to extract the files first.

How do you create a file in a folder?

File>Folder>New Folder

Why can't a downloaded car in midtown madness 2 appear in the game?

because the file is zipped click file to open and when it opens drag the file or extract it to the mm2 folder.

How do you change the type of folder you download Such as when you download eclipse it opens it as a zip folder or winrar folder not the original folder type i use google crome?

The folder that you are downloading has been compressed into a single file, called an archive for portability. Special software is needed to extract the original folder from this file.Under Windows, WinRAR can open most types of these archive files. If WinRAR is installed using the normal settings, this can be done by right-clicking on the archive file, then selecting 'Extract to '.

How can you change a compressed folder to a normal folder?

If it is a zip file then right click and click extract all. If it is another type you may need a program like 7zip to uncompress it.

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