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How do you open the tail light cover to get to the 1157 lamp bulb?


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2008-05-14 22:14:30
2008-05-14 22:14:30

bulbs pull out from the back of tail light


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1156 is a single element lamp (reverse light, tail light) 1157 is a dual element lamp (brake light and turn signal light in one bulb)

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For Honda Accord 95: Use small blade screwdriver to gently pry front edge of dome light lens cover off of its retainer. Use fingers or screwdriver to remove lamp bulb. Replace lamp bulb with the same type bulb. Be certain that the size of the new lamp barrel is the same as the old lamp. Reseat the dome light lens cover into its retainer. Note the orientation of 4 tangs on the lens cover that must seat into the lens retainer. Check to verify proper operation of the dome light and its switch.

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The light bulb is inside the lamp base, right?so, when you turn on the lamp, the light shines THROUGH the lamp base, although dimmer, so you can se both. if you took the lamp base off, the light bulb would look brighter.

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R40 is a Red Heat Lamp Light Bulb BR40 is a Clear Heat Lamp Light Bulb

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You can not use a regular light bulb in a self ballasted lamp because the lamp is some type of florescent light and a regular ligh bulb is incandescent. The ballast itself will tell you what kind of bulb it will run as well as somewhere else on the lamp.

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