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So, how do you overcome low self-esteem?

Well, here are suggestions from a number of WikiAnswer contributors.

In addition to this page, use the page link at the bottom of this answer for in depth information about overcoming this problem, the sign and symptoms of low self-esteem, and the free techniques for building your self-esteem

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  • Overcoming low self-esteem can be easier than you think. Just like anything else in life that is desired, one must do all that one can to achieve it. Many times, you may hear, "people only do to you what you allow them to". That statement is partially true. But you are in control of yourself. You can keep at bay negative feelings about yourself by ignoring what others say. However, if you were exposed to verbal, physical, mental and/or emotional abuse, it may be more difficult to change the perception of yourself. In this case, surrounding yourself with people who constantly uplift you is important.

Second Contributor
  • How do you overcome low self-esteem? Well, as far as possible, get rid of negative people in your life. When someone compliments you, thank him or her. Let them know that their complement is appreciated. Treat yourself like the woman/man you want to eventually become and give yourself credit for anything that you have accomplished (no matter how small). Do not read into someone actions: nowadays people do not have etiquette and their stares or rudeness can be confused for something personal against you. Do not feel awkward in silence. If you are in an intimate relationship, do not make your companion feel bad for telling the truth, or just being himself or herself. Expect the same from them in return. If you need to remind those around you, that you are a good person and what you do for those you love, and they don't already know it, you might be better off without them.

Third Contributor
  • You have the right to present emotions without feeling guilty. So, if someone does not appear to notice you, don't think twice, just let it go. If someone does not like you, it is not your fault. Again, you are better off without them. As Miguel Angel Ruiz said, "Don't take anything personally, nothing people do is because of you, what people say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering".

Fourth Contributor
  • Find something you like to do and it repeatedly. Even if you are not an expert, when you improve, even slightly, you will feel better because of your accomplishment and your developing ability. Whatever you do, do not compare yourself with others who might be better at doing it than you do. It is not a competition. Just focus on yourself and improving. Even tiny improvement will make you feel better. Soon you will stop asking how do you overcome low self-esteem. However, if you compare yourself with others, you will never attempt any new.

Fifth Contributor
  • Do something nice for others. Volunteer. Lose yourself in a hobby. Keep your word. I get an amazing amount of self-esteem from this. Try to be a better person. Use whatever spiritual beliefs you have to do this. Be a person people can count on. Get therapy. Are you depressed? Get some treatment.

Sixth Contributor
  • How do you overcome low self-esteem? Well, one of the biggest problems with low self-esteem is that you often are looking outside of yourself for validation that you are OK. What I find myself doing when nothing else works is moving into that maternal kind female place inside of me, the compassionate side of me and using my imagination to visualize myself as the mother with my inner child in my arms and hugging her and telling her that she is wonderful and that I will love and look after her and believe in her. When I come out of the visualization, I feel kinder to myself and less punishing. Like teaching a child to walk you don't slap them when they fall you gently pick them up dust them off and give them positive feedback. We as adults need to give ourselves that too.

Seventh Contributor
  • You are wonderfully made. God loves you! He created you for a purpose. He has good plans for your life. He is longing for you to come to Him through His son, Jesus. He wants you to have friends to love and help you, and for you to love and help. He can transform you and you will never have to worry about low self-esteem again! That Purpose Driven Life book is a great idea. Try going to church, reading The Bible, seeking God and calling out to Him in prayer. You will never be the same again. I know this to be true, because it happened to me.

Eighth Contributor
  • Trust your instincts and judgments from a morally sound point of view. It is possible that another person is squashing your self-esteem because they have none themselves and can't bear to see you having any. If you are being bullied by another person, but feel deep inside that you are doing the right thing, then trust yourself. That person may try every tactic to make you doubt yourself. Remember that no one who uses those tactics will be self-assured themselves.

Ninth Contributor
  • Do not be influenced by people who may try to lower your self-esteem to make them feel more powerful. Walk away. If you find yourself listening to what people say about you, and considering it or questioning yourself, it shows that you ARE a compassionate and caring person. If there is truth in what people say about you, then that it up to you to decipher. Being honest with yourself is the key. Honesty for you and honesty for others.

Tenth Contributor
  • How do you overcome low self-esteem and build self-confidence? Well, be dependent on you. Don't look to others to validate you or your path in life, unless you know that they love you unconditionally and you can trust them. I thought that I wasn't good enough in general. I was always afraid to fail. Then I started to change the way I thought. That changed the way I felt, and the way I saw things. People can hurt me, make me sad, and they can do the awful things that some people do, but they can't break my spirit. I won't let them. Many people struggle with self- esteem. Low self-esteem comes from many events or occurrences in life. Often it is not your fault that others have let you down or hurt you. If you practice hard you can change that, you can build good self-esteem!

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  • I had low self-esteem. I constantly asked myself how do you overcome low self-esteem. I didn't think I was that attractive. I always found the bad things about me. Now I feel beautiful inside and out because I stopped caring about what people thought about me. Ignore people if they make fun of you. Walk away if they say bad things about you. Stay away from negative people who put you down. I had friends who always put me down and I foolishly stayed friends with them, until I found friends who liked me for whom I am.

Twelfth Contributor
  • Do something you really want to do, and be pleased with the results, whatever they are. The fact that you simply try these things is something of which to be proud. You do not need to be the best! These are all useful steps in the right direction. Life is not a competition.

Thirteenth Contributor
  • I am a very anti-social person and I always asked myself how do you overcome low self-esteem. My best way to increase my self-esteem is to meet people through social media or online dating. You should try different websites. I registered everywhere on line, places such as dream marriage,, all social eHarmony, etc., and social media websites.

Fourteenth Contributor
  • 'Act the part and you will become the part' holds true for many things in life. That is one way to improve low self-esteem. Moreover, if you act a part long enough you will eventually not be acting any more. Philosophers like Aristotle and writers like Shakespeare have also pointed that out. Low self-esteem does not need to be an ongoing problem. You can readily learn how to build self-esteem. There are various free and excellent ways to do it.

To learn more about the signs and symptoms of low self-esteem, the causes of low self-esteem, and the free ways and techniques to build your self-esteem, use the page link given below.


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Fear is a factor that contribute to low self esteem. One should learn to overcome fear. Also one should practice love as a way of overcoming fear.

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Q: How do you overcome low self-esteem?
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