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How do you pay back the loan company after your car has been repossessed?


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2015-07-15 18:49:13
2015-07-15 18:49:13

nan, it depends on what you and the LENDER agree on. You agreed to pay them so much a month before and didnt manage to do it, sooo they will be tougher the next time around.

I got a different loan to pay off the first loan, the interest was a little higher, but I figured I would still owe the first lender the difference of what the car was sold at at action. (Car was worth 16k, they would prob auction for 10-12k.) I would be held liable for the differnce. I would still be out a few thousand dollars, but at least this way I would have a car.


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Call the loan company and ask them. If you are up to date on your loan you have a case against them.

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No. Absolutely not. Your driver's license cannot be suspended for not paying a loan or the balance of a loan, repossessed or not even if you get threats from the loan company.

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If your car was paid off, then why was it repoed? Or if you mean you paid it off after it was repoed, then if the loan company accepted your money,then they have to give you the car and title back. I would call them and get it back or your money back.

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