How do you place a curse on someone?


It could be a poem or a simple few words that would make someone suffer. Also ritual can be preformed to curse someone.

Like give a dude a headache by turning their picture upside down then say something like "May your head hurt while you think of the wrong you did me!" Or maybe something worse.

Now remember that all you do comes back to you. If you hurt an innocent, the curse will reverse and hurt you instead. I repeat, magic is not to be used lightly.


Buy books on spells. It will show you how to do things.

You can't curse somebody! It's make believe. Unless you're talking about a computergame.

It all comes down to belife, theirs not yours. try telling them you put a curse on them and whatch them mess up their life all on their own.

Caution: What is sent, is returned threefold. Be careful what you wish for.