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There are two plants called the desert rose. By the reference to a 'flyer', you are probably meaning the Sturt's Desert Rose of Australia. If so, you do not need to pre-treat or remove the 'flyer'. Just sow seed in potting mix - you can buy a mix especially for native plants.

If your question relates to the succulent Adenium obesum, which is from the oleander family, then you also don't need to pre-treat the seed.

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What foods are found in the desert?

Some foods found in the desert are shrubs (seeds), and any plant seeds. Most animals eat smaller animals. For example, snakes eat lizards which each plant seeds.

When should you plant pumpkin seeds?

You should plant pumpkin seeds in the late spring or the early summer.

What stimulates germination of desert plant seeds after a hard rain?

The water itself stimulates the germination of the seeds.

How does fairy duster plant adapt to the desert?

They have special seeds that apply to the cold and weather

What do desert animals mostly eat?

Most desert animals are herbivores that feed on grasses, seeds and other plant life in the desert. Carnivores then prey on the herbivores.

When should you plant sunflower seeds?

In the soil.

Do desert roses have seeds?

Yes. Desert roses do have seeds. Wait for the flower to dry up in the sunshine and then pluck it off. You can plant the dry seeds in the ground immediately using a very thin layer of dirt to cover them up. If you want to save the seeds to plant for the next year, save them in a paper envelope in a cool, dark place.

Why do desert plants germinate very quickly?

Plant seeds need water to germinate, grow into a mature plant and then reproduce. Water in the desert is a rare commodity so when sufficient rain does fall, the seeds quickly sprout and grow, bloom and form more seeds. It's a matter of a survival adaptation.

Where to find a mihu on foissil fighters?

You find him in the Parchment Desert after you plant all oasis seeds

What is an example of mutalism in the desert?

An animal might eat plant fruit and disperse the seeds via scat.

Why should you not throw away seeds of a useful plant?

You should share your seeds with other gardeners if you have no other use for them. There are groups that save heirloom seeds because if we become to dependent on only one type of plant, we risk a blight or virus wiping out a plant species.

Can you plant fresh pumpkin seeds?

They should be dried first.

When should you plant a pumpkin for Halloween?

You should plant your pumpkin seeds the last day of June or the first day of July...

Why won't the sonar work in Parchment Desert in fossil fighters?

You need to talk to a old man in the bottom left corner of the desert. he will tell you that the desert is too hot for the sonar and you need to plant oasis seeds. then the seeds will be available in the shop for 20,000G each. you will need four of them to be able to search the whole desert.

What do mice in deserts eat?

Wild desert mice eat whatever grains and other plant materials they can find - seeds from various desert plants, sedges, etc.

What time of the year should you plant cannabis seeds?

late April

Where are the seeds in a lilly?

in the red berry. you should dry them out before you plant them .

What should be done after a forest has been harvested?

plant more seeds

How deep should you plant pea seeds?

about a half inch deep

How do you plant clementine seeds indoors?

take a pot and plant the seeds. Use UFO lights and hang about five above the plant. water daily and by time the tree gorws it should be summer

Sims 3 How do you grow plants?

You have to plant seeds. at first they can only plant a few, like lettuce seeds. as they gain skill looking after them they can plant different types of seeds. the seeds can be found on the ground or there should be some in your inventory. You will have to make sure you keep tending the plants or they will die.

Should you remove the seeds of an eggplant?

Not when it is young, brcause the seeds are not fully grown, but if the plant is split open, yes.

How does a tomato plant reproduce?

A tomato plant reproduces with seeds. The fruit of the plant is filled with these seeds, and when the fruit falls to the ground the seeds will grow. People also harvest and plant these seeds.

How do you germinate pea seeds?

just pant them the same as you would plant any other seeds and they should germinate from about 2-3 weeks. ] just pant them the same as you would plant any other seeds and they should germinate from about 2-3 weeks. ]

What is an example of mutualism in the desert?

An animal might eat plant fruit and disperse the seeds via scat... The animal benefitted from eating, and the plant benefitted from the seed dispersal.