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How do you play Xbox games on a PC?

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2011-09-13 05:55:44

It's possible to play Xbox games through an emulator, but the

only ones that exist are still very primitive, only playing a

select few tested games at varying success. Some developers are

only showcasing their progress thus far, with little to no access

to the program itself to play/test running games. It's definitely

not at a stage where you can use the emulator to casually play your

games. But only time will tell!

Keep in mind, emulation of this system would also require a

pretty decent PC with dedicated graphics to run smoothly. The

requirements could be much higher depending on how accurate, and

how optimized the emulator is.

If you must play these games, you will need to buy the actual

system, and the games, or play some of the popular ones that run on

the Xbox 360, furthermore, if you can pick up a modchip and install

it (or get someone to), it's possible to run homebrew software and

download (illegal of course, I'm sure people REALLY get steamed

when you download their 8 year old xbox games that you can only

find on eBay)/burn games to DVD-R, enabling quite a bit of


Anyway, if you're still interested in Xbox emulation use Google,

or check out:

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