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How do you prepare crab legs?

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Usually crab legs are cooked when you buy them so you only need to warm them. I find the best way is to steam them. I put a veggie steamer in a large pot and only put the water to the level of the steamer. I put old bay all over the crab legs (some people use crab boil also) and when the water boils I put them in the steamer. I boil for about 10 mins or until hot. You can make a cream sauce to dip them in or melt butter. I heat heavy cream for about an hour and add a lot of butter and cook for about 10 more mins then I squeeze a lemon in the sauce. Its perfect! Easy and quick. Boil the legs with Old Bay seasoning added to the water. Cook until they turn orange. Dip in melted butter when ready to eat! There are healthier alternatives to dips for crab legs there as well and some really good crab meat recipes.

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How many legs dose a crab have is a crab a mamml?

a crab has 10 legs and a crab is not a mammal.

How many legs does the crab have?

a crab has 6 legs

How many legs does a shore crab have?

A shore crab has 6 legs!

How do you eat leftover crab legs?

There are many ways you can eat crab legs, but a personal favorite would be crab risotto.

How pairs of legs has a crab?

A crab has four pairs of legs and a pair of chelipeds (claws).

How many legs do a spider crab have?

the spider crab has eight legs like a spider.

In Maryland what are facts about Parris crab cakes?

this cake mainly consits of follwing ingridients a crab a crab with 4 legs a crab with 4 legs which are sharp a crab with 4 legs which are sharp and poisonous nd finally its found in maryland and its named as parris crab cakes

How many legsdoes a crab have?

A crab has 8 legs simle as

Can you refreeze crab legs?


Is a crab bipedal?

No, a crab is not bipedal. Bipedal means having two legs. Crabs have eight legs. They are octopedal.

How many legs do a crab got?

Incorrect Grammar.... A crab has 10 limbs, two pincers, and 8 legs

How many calories in a pound of snow crab legs?

There are 522 calories in 1 pound of snow crab legs.

What is the state crustacean of maryland?

Blue crab from the Chesapeake Bay. Crab cakes are a regional specialty as are crab chowder and crab legs and whole crab

What animal has 10 legs?


How many legs have a crab?


How many crab have legs?

All of them

Can you freeze uncooked crab legs and cook them later?

Ofcourse if there unfrozen!!! Is there any concern about toxins in freezing uncooked crab legs?

Can a crab live without 8 legs?

If a crab were to lose its legs it would probably would not be able to move around and die.

What makes a crab a crab?

The 8 legs do. Not all crabs have claws, but all have legs. Some crabs are blind, and have NO eyes completely.

How many legs do a real crab have?

Real crabs have six legs.

How long to boil crabs?

BOILING THE CRAB LEGS - How long to boil crab legs depends on the size of the legs. If it is the king crab you will boil them 7-10 minutes. If they are smaller legs or a smaller crab you will boil them 5-7 minutes. Some people suggest adding sea salt, lemon or garlic to the water. Drop in the legs (open part first) and boil for appropriate time.

What is a spider crab?

A spider crab is any of various species of crab of the family Majidae, which possess long legs.

Would you be allergic to crab legs because you are allergic to shrimp?

Not all the time, I am very allergic to shrimp but not at all to crabs or crab legs.

How long do you steam frozen king crab legs in minutes?

It always tastes better if you thaw your king crab legs before you steam them but if you are running short on time, here's an easy method: 1. Boil the water in your steaming pot. 2. Rinse your crab legs under warm water to get rid of all the surface ice. 3. Place your crab legs in the steamer. Make sure you don't over crowd the legs. 4. 13 minutes and they're done. You can leave the left over crab legs in the simmering steamer for 20 minutes total to keep them warm while you crack the legs on your plate. If you need any more help you can use this guide for cooking king crab legs. If you have time to thaw your crab legs before steaming them, simply take them out of the freezer the night before, place them on a baking tray, and put them in your fridge. Steam thawed crab legs for 7 minutes.

How to use frozen crab legs to make crab cakes?

Crab cakes are usually shredded crab meat pressed into a patty with a binder and lightly seasoned and breaded. If using frozen crab legs, thaw, remove the meat and shred it before making the cakes. Fresh crab meat is preferable.

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