How do you prepare crab legs?

Usually crab legs are cooked when you buy them so you only need to warm them. I find the best way is to steam them. I put a veggie steamer in a large pot and only put the water to the level of the steamer. I put old bay all over the crab legs (some people use crab boil also) and when the water boils I put them in the steamer. I boil for about 10 mins or until hot. You can make a cream sauce to dip them in or melt butter. I heat heavy cream for about an hour and add a lot of butter and cook for about 10 more mins then I squeeze a lemon in the sauce. Its perfect! Easy and quick. Boil the legs with Old Bay seasoning added to the water. Cook until they turn orange. Dip in melted butter when ready to eat! There are healthier alternatives to dips for crab legs there as well and some really good crab meat recipes.