How do you prevent flatulence?

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Chew your food more (20-40 times before swallowing). Chewing food for longer breaks down the food into very small pieces making it easier to absorb and less work for the stomach. Also chewing more increases the amount the natural starch enzymes have to breakdown food in the mouth before it is processed to the stomach. chew chew chew, the harder and tougher the food item (meat or fibrous vegetables) the more chewing is needed to prevent gas.

I actually found that B-Complex vitamin intake prevents you from farting. I am a vegetarian and eat a lot of Broccoli, beans, cauliflower and chickpeas; that are known by causing you to fart. Since I started taking a B-Complex vitamin daily with lunch, the gases have gone. Good luck!

You cannont prevent farting. It is a natural reaction to food digestion. Everyone farts. You can help not fart as often by not eating foods that make you gassy. Everyone's body is different, but stuff like broccoli or beans are a big one. And there is a commercial for Bean. It is supposed to help with gas, but I have never known anyone who has used it so I can't say if it works or not.

You made my day and I had a good laugh over this one!

Unfortunately, "passing gas" isn't that funny at all, and for some people it can be darn right embarrassing! These are things that can cause it:

Different foods such a chili, beans of any sort, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, rice (believe it or not), turkey, chicken and even red meat. This is usually an indication that you do not have the right balance of acids in your stomach.

First, go see your doctor and discuss it with him/her and then go to a good health food store and they will give you herbs to balance the stomach acids.

"Passing gas" is usually normal off and on, but all the time ... there is something usually going on in the digestive tract.

I would also like to add that certain medications can cause these problems, so either look them up on the internet or post it on this board and I can look the medication up and see if this is your problem.

Wind beneath your wings Marcy

Farting usually means you arent eating the right foods, or too many bad ones. Foods high in fat can also cause farts if eaten constantly. If you don't eat bad foods constantly, it is probably just a natural thing that happens. Beans and cabbage are also main contributors.

Just for the record... Gas X and other medications for gas don't prevent you from passing gas. They are for the symptoms associated with gas (bloating, pain, etc.) In fact I read that what it does is make the small air bubled get together to make big air bubbles thereby allowing them to be more easiy passed by belching or passing gas.

I was bumed out to learn that, after a big bowl of beans I take them so I wont go "poof" in the night. It actually helps the "poof" but at least it does stop the pain. ; )

I had such a laugh reading the answers etc. Don't eat ! 14 times a day is the average. Quantity of food is part of it. But the biggest thing is that it is fun !!! It should be a positive socially humorous event ! We are gas producers and we should change the way we see it.

I heard one kid say the other day. Nice out ! What stuffed shirt with a tight corsett said that it was bad ! To many stick in the muds in the world ! Let's live and enjoy.

Many people get gas from eating beans, broccoli, etc. because they don't have the proper intestinal flora to digest them. There is a commercially available product called Bean-o, which contains the flora. It's in liquid or pill form. Just one or two drops on the first bite of chili, beans or broccoli (or one pill) will prevent gas. Trust me, it really works. In the US it is available at most grocery stores.

If you gas problem is interferring with your social life, or it continues, you may have irritable bowel syndrome. See your doctor for treatment options.

I have about 6 nurses in my family and all of them have said gas is a natural body function. And they're right! But I agree with the answer above, if it's interferring too much then you could have IBS. Eat lots of fiber! Good luck.

In women, the menstrual cycle can contribute to flatulence, as embarrassing as it is.

Personally, I have found that my ability to socialise successfully is limited if I eat excessive amounts of snack foods (dried apricots, nuts, salty crackers, potato chips, candy, chocolate, oatmeal are some that I have noticed).

So eating small meals, especially for foods that you are particularly sensitive to (it may take time to figure these out) may help.

Can you check if paxil or abilify causes rancid smelling gas?

I am going to take my 14 year old son to the doctor. He does have a long history of this problem. He says that before he can open his mouth to excuse himself, it is too late. (I think he may be allergic to milk..he was as a child and so was I and a sibling) At this point the teachers at his school are threatening to give him a detention for each fart in class. (I don't think they can lol).

:You can't really. Gas will be created when food is digested. Some foods will create more gas than others and you can avoid eating these. The Right :

First, you don't prevent gas. You can lesson the amount of gas by avoiding some foods. Some of the advice above is not correct. Suggesting that you should increase fiber to prevent gas is ludicrous. Soluble fibers like beans, broccoli, cabbage, and oatmeal, etc. cause gas. Non-soluble fibers such as breads, etc. do not cause gas. But both are important to your health - so eat them. You can time you meals with your digestive cycle - oatmeal for breakfast and a walk (outside, alone) in the afternoon; not beans for lunch and a car-pool ride after work. If you are lactose intolerant, this will also cause excessive gas, usually sooner than your normal digestive cycle - within a couple hours. There are over-the-counter products that help with gas. Simethicone (Gas-X or similar brand) doesn't actually reduce the gas produced in the intestines, but it may help with any pain or bloating. Beano contains enzymes that actually do reduce gas cause by certain foods. So you may want to see if it works for you. Bottom line: normal gas is 'normal' and healthy and fiber is too important to take out of your diet. Which would you rather have: a heart attack or a fart attack?

The Useful :

Stopping farts all together is of course not what somebody has a problem with. How to stop excessive flatulence however would be more useful and I think more what the original question had in mind. There are many reasons for excessive flatulence, it could be a problem with your organs, your diet, you could be sick or other things. The first step in addressing the problem is to determine what exactly is causing your excessive farting. Once you have done that, you are well on your way to solving the problem. If the problem persist after making changes to your diet, see a doctor.

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Q: How do you prevent flatulence?
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