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How do you prevent your side walls from buckling from frost heaves?

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2008-11-30 03:50:58

Most older inground pools are made to not buckle out from the

water pressing against the walls-as opposed to buckling in. We had

sever buckling on several panals over the years and came up with a


1. break up concrete above buckled panel (Home depot electric

jackhamer $60 for 4 hours-easy to use)

2. Dig down apprx 3' to the concrete sill (its surrounding the

entire inground pool) Clean out enough width so you can stand in

hole and work.

3. find the triangle looking brace that holds the wall from

buckling out-you'll notice the metal panel is not bolted to it and

is probable 2 inches or more buckled away from it. Clear all dirt 3

feet to left and right of metal triangle(you may need to break more

concrete) all the way down to concrete sill.

4. remove white plastic cap that covers your vinyl liner in area

above buckle and pull or work out the liner from the groove it sits

in in THAT AREA ONLY. You can stretch out the liner away from the

wall with a plastic whiffle ball bat or someone can hold it out for


5. drill 3 holes (top middle bottom) in triangle brace and all

the way through the metal panel pool wall into the pool-(have

someone hold out liner so it doesn't get torn and also hold hand

under where drill will come through to catch metal shavings)

6. Buy a 2' long by 1/8" thick aluminum yardstick looking thing

(Home depot-$5 near all the metal rods and bracings isle)

7. While holding that aluminim bar in pool-under the liner of

course- cover the 3 holes and mark it with a pencil pushed from the

already drilled holes on the outside. Pick up the bar and drill

matching 3 holes.

8. hold aluminum bar in place and push each of 3 1/2"x8" round

head galvanized lag bolts (threaded from top to bottom-some home

depots only sell bolts threaded at very end) You may have to make

the holes in aluminum bar wider to accomodate the squared area near

rounded heads of bolts so it sits in better)

9. Push bolts through till they enter through steel triangle

support-use galvanized 1/2" washer and nut and tighten each till

pool wall touches the steel triangle support.

10. Cover all with duct tape, and then put liner back in groove,

cover with the white plastic cap-fill in hole-pour new

concrete-DONE!!!!-I've done this in several areas of our 30+ year

old inground pool and it works GREAT!!!

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